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Now that Syfy has cancelled Dominion, we want to get the show on Netflix’s radar to give it a chance to live on.

From October 18 to 24 (Sun through Sat), we will be having daily half hour-long tweetouts – every day at 10 AM and 10 PM EDT.

Please tweet as much as you can directly to @Netflix, using only the two hashtags #Dominion and #Netflix. (Any tweets using more than three hashtags are considered spam by Twitter.)

Tell Netflix why they should pick up Dominion (but try to keep the message positive). Make it clear to them that we want a new season of Dominion produced by Netflix (don’t just ask for them to carry Dominion — we don’t want them to think we mean Seasons 1 and 2 only). Tweet images of wings to keep the angels in flight. Post memes or other graphics if you like. Anything goes, as long as it’s not inappropriate.

It will help if you emphasize that you will watch Netflix, either more than you already do, or for the first time if you don’t currently. We will support them if they support us!

If you like, you’re encouraged to change your Twitter icon to something Dominion-related for the tweetouts or the entire week. (Preferably this would have the word “Dominion” prominently displayed on the icon because people outside the fandom might not recognize pictures from the show.)

Please also sign the online petition if you haven’t already.

Let’s spread our wings and light the spark for Netflix to help us out!