Series created by

Vaun Wilmott

Series Directed and Written by (Season 1)



Scott Stewart Damien Ober
Rick Jacobson Dario Scardapane
Alex Holmes Peter Schink
Larry Shaw Scott Stewart
Allan Kroeker Vaun Wilmott

Cast Members (as of 06/15/15)



Christopher Egan Alex Lannon
Tom Wisdom Archangel Michael
Roxanne McKee Claire Riesen
Luke Allen-Gale William Whele
Shivani Ghai Arika
Rosalind Halstead Senator Becca Thorn (s1 only)
Anthony Head David Whele
Alan Dale General Edward Riesen
Carl Beukes Archangel Gabriel
Kim Engelbrecht Noma Banks
Katrine de Candole Archangel Uriel (s1 only)
Anton David Jeftha Furiad
Jonathan Howard Ethan Mack (s1 only)
Nic Bishop Gates Foley (s2 only)
Christina Chong Zoe (s2 only)
Olivia Mace Laurel (s2 only)
Simon Merrells Julian (s2 only)
Luke Tyler Pete (s2 only)
Diarmaid Murtagh Wes Fuller (s2 only)
Amy Bailey Clementine (s1 only)
Betsy Wilke Bixby (s1 only)
Luam Staples Roan (s1 only)
Danny Keogh Senator Thomas Frost (s1 only)
Fiona Ramsey Senator Blanch Romero (s1 only)
Ndoni Khanyile Senator Julien (s1 only)
Julie Hartley Felicia (s1 only)
Kira Wilkinson Carol (s1 only)
David Dennis Senator Blake (s1 only)
Tyrone Keogh Lt. Vince
Kenneth Fok Capt. Finch (s1 only)
source: IMDb

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