2×09 Seed of Evil

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

This week on Dominion…

David — and his rebellion — is under attack. David wants to take the city and fight back. After he gives a rousing speech, David disappears because he’s worried about himself.

Michael, Noma and Alex are trying to figure out how to get into Vega, but an Eightball attacks.

Julian is still torturing Gabe. This is the plot that has me most concerned at the moment. Julian is preparing to take Gabe’s body as his own.

Arika is in prison, and Claire wants her information about David’s location. Arika gives David’s whole plan away and everything he’s been doing. Arika claims everything she’s done is for Helena and she never wanted to hurt Claire. Claire is feeling guilty over killing Zoe.

Michael, Alex and Noma walk up and find Julian’s army. What will they do now?

Julian not only has an entire army, but he has spies who know that Michael, Alex and Noma are still alive. Y’all, Gabe is dark right now, thanks to Julian. What will he get into?

David is trying desperately to get away, but it’s not working. Everyone wants him dead, but he’s headed to a bar — I think we all know who’s in there.

Arika is planning to use the poison she gave Gates as a bargaining chip. Gates is getting worse, but he’s keeping it under wraps. He knows what Arika did.

David just found baby Whele. Aw, poor David thought he was hallucinating again. It’s real.

Michael, Alex and Noma are sneaking through the Eightballs but not well enough. They were even whispering, which was pretty precious. Sorry, I digress to crush on Michael, Julian and David at times. The Eightballs are waking up.

Michael saved Alex, but something’s wrong with him. Run guys!

Julian is whistling again. He is very much the talker. Julian is using every bad memory Gabe has against him. I hate this! Don’t bring Gabe’s child into this! This is much more cruel than I had expected.

Gates confronts Arika about the poison, and he knows she wants out. She wants more than freedom; she wants Gates to leave Vega and come to Helena with her.

David confronts William and tries to talk to him, but William says that ‘William’ is dead. William is not mad at David, though; he’s grateful. David needs to be worried.

Julian is enjoying breaking Gabe, and I’m not enjoying Julian anymore. After the talk, Julian takes Gabe — or that is how it looks.

Claire finds where the rebels are and knows Gates has a cold, but, more importantly, they see Alex, Michael and Noma outside the wall. Let them in! They’re surrounded! Claire is ready to lose the whole war to save Alex. Gates, on the other hand, is not doing well at all, and he’s going to die for Claire, who no longer notices.

Gabe spit Julian out. Well, I’m wrong. The possession worked. Gabe! Julian! It’s all bad! And Julian almost took that jacket off. Nope, I was right the first time. Gabe is too strong. RIP Julian.

Alex and company are fighting for their lives. The backup is here! The Chosen One is back in Vega, and so is Michael, so all is well.

Gates cured himself! Oh, he is rubbing it in Arika’s face. I’m so glad Gates is okay! Too bad he’s about to have his heart broken along with Noma.

The rebels have the power grid.

David is still grasping at William’s existence. David also has the news that the rebels have taken the reactor but William isn’t ready to leave yet. Arika’s woman is coming for David!

Julian is alive. How? He went into a trap door? Gabe is looking for him. He also likes Pete. Pete’s a hit with everyone. Gabe has control of the Eightball army, and he wants to kill Michael — great. Julian literally planted a seed of evil.

Alex and Claire are on the balcony. Will she tell him about the baby? She feels badly for the bombing. Claire tells him, and she’s crying. Oh, Alex is so sad. These moments will never not make me cry.

Noma and Michael are alone. Michael is better. Noma is so sad. Everyone is sad. Michael tells Noma she has honor. Michael says, “Mallor-” and then passes out. That mystery man is in Mallory and he is the prophet!

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