2×01 Heirs of Salvation

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

Oh, Dominion fans, our beloved show is back! It came back with a bang too! If you have not watched, look away!

Spoilers ahead!

So, the show opened with an attack scene which was brief but powerful. More on that toward the end of the recap.

We go to the lair of Gabriel (Carl Beukes) where he is torturing our chosen hero Alex (Christopher Egan) and Noma (Kim Engelbrecht). Gabriel wants to know what the markings on Alex’s skin mean and Alex is not being helpful. A new symbol appears and Alex draws a smiley face for Gabriel. Well, Gabriel isn’t having that and begins torturing Noma but not for long because a bomb is dropped on the hideout. And, I do mean a literal bomb, not a big piece of info.

Swing over to Vega where we see the bomb was sent by Claire (Roxanne McKee) and her advisor Arika (Shivani Ghai). These badass ladies are proud and they should be! But did Claire know her lover and baby daddy Alex was in there?

David Whele (Anthony Head) storms into Claire’s room in the next scene and he’s pissed, to say the least. They bicker as they always have but then David tells her Alex was in the lair. He thinks he’s hit her hard but she knew. The military told her first, we’ll come back to that later too. Not expecting that, David leaves for the time being. PS: I’m not ashamed to be on Team David. I know he’s super evil but it’s Anthony Head so, I’ll follow his lead.

We zoom into the wreckage of Gabriel’s hideout and Noma and Alex are alive! They escape and find their vehicle and decide, well Alex does, to go to New Delphi. Alex is ready to use his status as the chosen one to get things done. He decides that he needs an army, not messages he can’t read.

But you may ask, where’s Michael the Archangel (Tom Wisdom)? Naked in the ocean! An instant hit on Twitter! Enough, though, he goes to a town which is surrounded by Eight-balls (lower, evil angels) but they don’t go into the town. Michael decides to go in.

Alex and Noma enter a school where we get a flashback to a teacher, who’s really an Eight-ball, who attacks the children. They came in for tape but get so much more! A complete Eight-Ball attack! No big deal though because Noma’s a badass! Alex runs ahead to repair the truck while Noma owns the threat. Then Alex runs over some of them and it’s a skull crushing good time. That scene is not for those who may have a weak stomach.

Arika, David and Claire are looking over the damage to Gabriel’s lair from a sky unit and David’s nice for about 20 seconds until they see that angels are moving around. The sky unit is taken out and David yells at Claire some more. He says, “You silly little girl. You have absolutely no idea what you’ve done, do you?” But, I like to dwell on the fact that he almost complimented her and I think everyone should dwell on that before making any rash decisions.

Michael speaks with the leader of the little town he’s entered. She tells him the fire in the center keeps them alive. It’s their Father (God) and as long as it burns they’re safe. Also, I think she said they were in Mallory, Alabama. Shoutout to my state! If I can hear.

Alex and Noma think they’re safe but an Eight-ball clung to the truck and attacked Alex when they stopped. He evicts the evil from him and says it felt different but leaves him for dead. Because he is. But just as they drive off, the boy sits up and breathes!

The town Michael is in has a shrine to the old religions and a statue of two hands holding a baby. Michael questions them about it and she (leader) tells of the chosen one. He will either save humanity and angels or destroy them.

David Whele is hosting a secret meeting (surprise, surprise), and he wants to over throw Claire. He reveals she knew about Alex and kills the man who told her. He made an example out of that man. No moles in the Whele house (wheelhouse lol). The group asks about the bombing and he says it’s just a rumor. He gives them an order and then William Whele shows up. They talk of David’s plan to be in charge and William says, “Careful what you wish for, daddy. It might bite you in the ass.” Important: Sometimes, I call William, baby Whele and he was left in the desert at the end of the last season. So, is David hallucinating and going mad?

Alex and Noma are confronted by the Eight-ball, Alex evicted the evil of and he’s totally confused. He doesn’t remember anything but wants to go with them. Alex agrees because the eviction worked this time and he needs to know more. As they near Delphi, they find a higher angel strung up, headless against a tree. Run!

Gabriel is alive and his army is down 30%. His sister Uriel has vanished. Gabriel only has one thing in mind and that is to stake out Vega and then attack. He decides that he only needs Alex’s skin, which means he no longer honors their deal.

In the peaceful town, a resident threatens Michael and tells him to leave but Michael attacks him but doesn’t hurt him. Then the rain begins and the fire goes out. Eight-balls come over the fence and attack. This is the scene we began the episode with. Michael kicks ass, as usual and suddenly the fire returns! Michael goes into the chapel where all the religious relics are and says, “Father, is that you?”

Zoom on over to Claire and Arika. They are watching David’s damage and discuss what to do. It would seem they plan to kill David and somehow and Eight-ball will be involved. I hope not! He’s essential to the show’s dynamics. Side note: Team Claire/Arika is a powerful serving of strong female characters and it makes up for what we lack in other parts of the media culture.

Our last scene is David and William discussing the day’s events. William is chastising his father but David won’t hear it. He wants to toast to the success of the day. As they toast, William disappears. David is hallucinating. Is it that simple or is he going mad?

What did you guys think of the episode? What’s this plan Arika and Claire are planning? Why does the fire in Mallory burn? What’s behind the walls of New Delphi? How long until Gabriel makes his move? What’s going on with David?

Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

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