2×06 Reap The Whirlwind

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

I can’t even after this episode of Dominion! So much happened (including Clates)! I’m overwhelmed and tired and I will watch again!

Spoilers ahead… you’ve been warned.

We open in David Whele’s self-made war zone. How many lives do we think he took in that act? Claire can’t do anything but sit back and watch. What have you done, David? David is proud and expecting Zoe to be grateful, but she is not. David just gave her what she wanted. David offers to be her guide.

Claire wants an emergency broadcast, but Gates wants to protect the people. Claire refuses to spill more blood and she wants her city unified.

David is wheeling and dealing (purposeful pun), but Jasper doesn’t trust him.

Julian wants to know where Michael is. Gabriel calls Alex out for being two-faced. Julian wants to make them suffer for revenge. Alex is kind of bummed because Julian lied. Gabriel threatens to kill Alex if the betrayal causes anything to Michael. Alex wants to leave, but Julian wants his toy back. Julian is gonna do some torturing.

Can we get a shot without the jacket? Julian has killer arms.

David killed Claire’s side of the radio tower and left the V1 side untouched. Zoe can make the first move. He even wrote her a speech. How sweet! You know…in a demented kind of way. Jasper trusts Zoe because she helped him when they were kids and he says her voice is a voice to be trusted.

Alex is looking for Michael and has no idea Julian knows that’s what he’s going to do! Mona is trying to talk to Pete, but he’s possessed. Noma is no longer welcome in New Delphi.

Michael is hurt, really hurt. Alex wants to help him. “I would die for you. I would’ve then and I would now, nothing’s changed,” Michael tells Alex.

Awww! Michael knows how to get out but he needs fire? Okay.

Zoe begins her speech that David wrote but decides to speak from the heart instead. Now she has their attention. Anyone thinking of Hunger Games?

Claire is protecting Gates, afraid David is coming. Claire regrets allowing David and Zoe to live. Gates is not a fan of her becoming a killer. “I had to follow him but I want to follow you, Claire!” Gates! That’s a vote of confidence!

Michael is a quick healer. Michael explains what Julian wants and Alex thinks he can evict the demon. Can he? This seems crazy! He wants Riesen to keep him talking so that he can perform the ritual. Julian is here and it feels like he is like, ‘no hard feelings.’

Gates says he can go to the other side and shut down Zoe’s broadcast. Arika agrees but Claire refuses. Gates ran away to do it! He left her a feed to stay in touch. She is not thrilled! He hits a roadblock but for some reason Claire knows another way.

Jasper is slowly dying and makes Zoe promise to finish the revolution.

Michael is sneaking around…good. Julian is ready to spill his plan to Riesen, but Alex has other plans.

He’s evicting the demon! Who is Julian without the demon inside? Julian figures it out and says the human has to want it too. He used those arms to beat Alex up.

Alex is locked up now too, along with Gabriel and Noma. Holy crap! Michael is their last hope! Julian knows about Pete!

David is like a proud dad with this Zoe business, but she can’t enjoy it because Jasper is dying. Is David going to be sweet? Or at least pretend to be? David brings up the son story, but William was kind of a traitor, so not really Claire’s fault. The point of his story is losing Jasper means Zoe has nothing to lose. David should know better than to talk to strange women. Eightball anyone?

Oh, its Arika. Arika is so awesome! She wants David to stop Gates but not with violence and she’s for the war. What the hell?

Gates knows they’re looking for him. Claire still has some tricks up her sleeve. She is sending soldiers but it’s too late! Don’t let Gates get hurt! Claire got him to where he need to be. Go Gates, go! The V1s and the soldiers found him! David’s all, “Stop! We need him!” Get out of the gunfire, David!

Gabriel pleads for Alex’s safety to bring father home. Julian doesn’t want that. Oh no! Julian is destroying the markings! Julian pinned Noma’s wings to the wall! He’s sick! He is torturing everyone just to get Noma to talk. Boys and their toys.

Claire is pretty sad. Oh, Gates is ok! She’s got happy tears! He got her access to the feed so Claire can address her people.

One of Alex’s marks backfired on Julian. Noma separates herself from her wings to gain freedom. OMG! She frees Alex! Gabriel tells Alex to find Michael and get him out! This is so intense!

Gates is so proud of her! He says the people loved Claire! Claire is so mad at him, but she shows it with a little makeout session! Here we go, Clates! Maybe more than just a makeout session. You know what they say about adrenaline.

Zoe is worried her speech wasn’t enough, but she has gained a lot more followers!

Alex caught up with Michael and asks for his help with Noma. There’s nothing Michael can do. Michael notices the marking that is missing too. But Alex points out the one that fought Julian. The markings were warning Alex that Julian would attack Vega. Michael feels bad for leaving him. They need to save Noma and escape. Michael stays behind to ensure their safety. Alex says, “This isn’t the end. Our fates are tied.” Julian sent his Eighballs out after them. Go Alex and Noma!

Arika and David are continuing their secret radio chats. Arika says he needs her and he’ll see why. Looks like Zoe may not trust him still. Zoe thinks he wants to be King. She says that David will kill her when he is ready to take over. She has his hand shot. No more playing with guns for David.

Noma says she’s dying, but Alex believes she can be okay. They have to hide for the night. Alex takes care of her wounds. He needs more supplies and he says in an hour they’ll go get them.

Julian is planning something bad. Shit! He has Michael and Gabriel!

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