2×13 Sine Deo Nihil

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

We pick right back up on the finale of Dominion!

Alex is using his markings and chanting, and it takes out all the Eightballs! He’s hurting. He expelled the demon in all of them! They are all ok! Woah!

Alex is the chosen one.

Unfortunately, there is a lot more chaos since baby Whele opened every gate in the city.

General Reisen is back!

Michael and Gabe are in Mallory. Uh oh! Gabe says they better find Lucifer or he will die that night. Gabe blames Lucifer most of all. Gabe is so angry. The guy is there. Michael was right!

Claire doesn’t believe her father could hurt the city, but the angel is strong in him since Clementine was killed.

Arika found David alone after he was forced to kill William. Arika wants Vega, not Claire’s death. She says she must get Claire to safety to make amends. She’s molesting David. Arika doesn’t want to kill David; she wants to help him live and have him escape, too. Woah.

Arika brings David out to where Alex, Claire and Noma are. Alex threatens David but doesn’t kill him. Alex wants Claire to go with Arika.

Claire is going to save Alex. David and Arika continue on the escape plan.

Alex admitted he loves Noma!!!!

Gabe angered the man Michael spoke of. The people of Mallory were moved after the card game for their safety. Michael wants Lucifer’s help, and he is demanding it. The man responded by setting Gabe on fire! Holy hell!

Claire is brought to her father. Claire wants to negotiate a surrender. Riesen knows Claire too well through his memories, and her plan fails epically.

Alex and Noma separate, and they’re so cute about it. OMG the hold music still works in all the chaos. Haha, Alex shot it out. Noma is under attack!

It is so weird watching Riesen as a Julian-type character. Claire refuses to believe her father is completely gone. She is bringing the real Riesen out. She got to him! This is so emotional! He’s so proud. Riesen can’t fight the demon out entirely.

Alex surrenders. Oh no! Alex is no match for Riesen’s demon. Riesen is fighting back again. Claire had to shoot her father. Riesen got a shot off in Claire before Noma showed up and shot Riesen up. This show knows how to break hearts.

Claire is going to die. Oh my gosh, she’s gone. We lost both Riesens tonight. If they get a Season 3, there will be no one left. Noma is fighting him to get out of there.

Gabe is consumed with fire. Maybe it will heal him. The fire healed Gabe! Oh, Gabe’s back, but he has done so much bad. The man wants Alex for Lucifer because he needs the pure heart.

PS: there were some flashbacks of Alex as a baby after Gabe sent angels to kill him. Michael told Noma to give her life for Alex, as it was partly her fault Alex’s mother was killed in Gabe’s attempt.

Arika and David go for the chopper to escape but David stays behind. David! The Eightballs have David. Oh jeez!

Alex is blaming himself for everything. Noma yells some sense into him. It’s time to shoot-em-up style! Humans come to their aid!

Arika is safe.

Michael and Gabe are united again, and it seems Noma may be trouble now.

Alex is giving a speech about Claire. Vega has no leader. Everyone kneels to Alex.

Julian! He’s dying, but he’s still Julian. I miss him.

Oh, Alex and Noma!

Julian is getting one hell of a season-ending speech! Damn, Simon Merrells!

The Eightballs brought David to Riesen, who is still alive. Oh no!

Oh Lucifer is like gross water. Voldemort much?

Noma has her wings again, but at what price?

“You’re not alone”: the season ending quote from Julian. Damn!

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