2×10 House of Sacrifice

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

We’re back for episode 10 of Dominion, “House Of Sacrifice,” and there are only 3 left!

Michael is having a vision of the prophet, who is back in Mallory, by the way. The prophet is upset with Michael for playing the system and wants him dead. Step off, prophet man!

Things are not going very well for the ‘good guys’ of the civil war in Vega. Gates and Alex are having a pissing contest. Alex wants to take the reactor back by force and Gates wants to do it diplomatically.

General Riesen is having trouble adjusting to his dyad life. I’m really still shocked he turned over the amphora to Julian. Oh hey, Riesen, by the way Gabe’s in charge now.

So, Ramirez who is one of the rebels used to be a soldier like Alex. Alex tries to reason with Ramirez but it’s a no go. Gates and Alex are going in. This can’t end well.

Claire is meeting with Arika and letting her know that if the plant blows, the prison is in the vicinity of the blast zone. Claire is willing to trade Arika’s life for David’s head. The walkie system is back in play.

David and William are still hanging at the bar. William doesn’t want to leave, but David knows they need to escape. William will begin his cleanse of the world with David. I do not know what that means. And Arika’s spy found David.

Gabe wants Riesen to lead Julian’s army into Vega to retrieve Michael and he is so serious. Gabe reveals that Julian had perfected being a dyad but Riesen will struggle with his angel half for a long time. Gabe releases Riesen and Clementine.

Claire and Gates are having a little trouble, which saddens me, as I’m a huge Clates fan. And Gates learns that Alex is the chosen one. Oh! A Clates moment!

Noma is hurting too after the wing damage. Michael is still unconscious. Alex reveals to Noma that Claire lost the baby and she seems brokenhearted, but we all know a little part of her is happy.

The prophet vision is happening for real inside Michael’s head. The blade grazed his finger and it’s bleeding on the couch. The prophet tells Michael that if he doesn’t kill himself the fire in Mallory will die along with everyone in the city including Laurel. You better not, Michael.

Alex and Gates are killing it tonight with their macho match up!

William is so crazy and he knows all David’s sins. William speaks the truth. David has done a lot of evil.

Woah, Riesen! He certainly is a general now. He told his lady to leave so he could get the amphora. They just found each other again. Be safe, Riesen.

Alex and company have hit a little bump in the road like the rebels surrounding the reactor.

Michael offers the prophet a game of Texas Hold Em for his life. I’m a little bit in shock, y’all! How does Michael know card games?

David needs to just admit all the wrong-doings he’s done. William wants him to repent. Arika’s woman made her move, but David killed her. It’s a huge relief to me. I need David alive.

Alex got Gates to the reactor. Fix it, guy! And Ramirez is waiting. So much for the all clear. Alex and Gates fake fought to grab the gun and shoot Ramirez! What a masterful plan!

Oh, Riesen, it couldn’t ever be that easy. He walked up to get the amphora and Gabe was a step ahead. Gabe killed Clementine to allow Riesen’s angel half to dominate and become Gabe’s soldier. Oh no! Gabe’s plan worked. No, Riesen! Don’t give in!

William is so disappointed with David. The bartender wants William to go somewhere safer. David doesn’t want William alone. He admits that he abandoned Will twice and can’t do it again. William won’t go. David is broken. Watching Anthony Head cry could break a person’s soul. William gave him up to Claire! Oh no! William’s new followers warned him but William didn’t turn David over. William is, however, relishing in watching his father get killed. Please no!

Gates has to manually fix the problem. It’s like Spock’s death in Star Trek I can’t! Gates!!! Not only is Gates going to sacrifice himself but he reveals that Vega is dying and Alex needs to find them a new home.

Michael just won the card game! The prophet released him but he wants the chosen one now. Michael is awake and he needs Alex.

Gates and Claire are going to say goodbye. She’s been through so much and we all love Gates. Gates is going to die. Why?

Alex bring Claire something from Gates. This is heart wrenching. Poor Claire.

Gabe has Riesen ready to destroy Vega. The plan is in motion. Also, Lucifer is alive.

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