2×11 Bewilderment of Heart

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

The darkness is spreading through Vega and the Claire and company are attacked. Claire leaves because of the sound of a baby crying. She is hallucinating her lost child.

David Whele is at the gallows. Oh no! “Everything I did, I did it for Vega,” are David’s choice last words but someone stopped the event, or did they? OMG! There is another David.

Michael knows exactly what’s happening. He says angels aren’t affected, but Alex doesn’t seem to be either. An angel and only an angel can close the amphora and stop the attack.

We’re about to see the biggest fear of all the Dominion characters, except the angels.

Arika has a fear of being an Eightball and the Eightball, Rose, who she killed is acting as Arika did in that episode. This is going to be an interesting night.

William awakes in shackles. He is under the control of Gabriel. Based on the episode though it would seem it’s also a hallucination. William is pretending to be brave but it appears his real self knows he’s still so scared.

Noma, Michael and Alex are looking for he Amphora thinking Julian was the one who let it out. So far, Alex is still unaffected.

Claire is singing to her fake baby. Alex is there with her. They are the family she dreamed of having. When does her fear take over? Wait, there was some blood on her wrist. What’s that about?

Noma may be affected. Is it because her wings are gone? Her wings reappeared. Alex stops her in her moment but she is affected. Noma keeps seeing lights fading in and out.

David is with David, so he’s his own worst fear. Other David is a survivor which is what David has been but now we see he has a little good left. Woah, David has trophies of all the people he’s taken out to get ahead.

Arika’s fear is a the whole Eightball sequence with Rose reversed. It’s heartbreaking.

OMG Michael’s affected! He sees Noma hurting Alex. Fake Noma, “Oops,” after stabbing Alex. Woah!

Noma killed Alex and that means Michael failed. The darkness is inside Michael and he is after Noma. Be strong, Michael. It wasn’t real.

William is married to an Eightball version of Claire. Holy shit! It’s nuts seeing everyone in Eightball garb. Claire has gotten it on with everyone this season. Eightball Claire is exploiting his delusions of being the chosen one.

Noma found the amphora but she needs it to stay open. Or did she imagine she found it?

Arika escaped the Eightball fear for a moment but they caught up to her.

David is being super abused by fake David. Now his dead family is on the stairs and he’s having flashbacks. David admits that he blames William for the rest of his families deaths. David stabbed fake David.

Claire’s baby is getting bigger but now she sees blood again. The baby vanished. She’s back. And she’s gone again. She named the baby Willow.

Alex and Noma are reunited and he knows something is wrong with her. Michael comes up on the party. Michael sees two Alexs. The darkness is too much. Michael is having some awful fear scenes. He fears for Alex so deeply.

David is breaking my heart. Everyone is. If he hangs, I’m going to be so upset. Fake David is suffocating him!

William is in a glass booth of emotion and now Alex is here to berate him. Don’t fake being the chosen one in case someone lets all the darkness out. Alex in William’s mind is super intense.

Arika goes to seduce David as Rose did but Rose is there to kill her. Arika has a true fear of being crazy like her mother was. Arika is getting a chance to see how it felt to be Rose. Rose shows her mercy and Arika almost kills her again.

Alex chases Noma to the roof.  Noma needs the amphora to see her wings. She thinks she can fly. “How else will I fly back to Heaven?” Noma asks as she things about her wings being gone again. Alex is fighting for her, so hard. She almost falls. But Alex has her. Michael shows up and is trying to kill Noma!

Michael is so far gone! Alex, save her! Alex can close it! He is more than a mere man. The light has returned!

Noma is heartbroken.

Arika is about to kill herself but the light stops her. The fear was so strong. She sees all the wrong in her way.

David is still in the gallows but he’s surrounded by corpses. Who saved him?

Claire is alone and she cut her wrist escaping. She’s bleeding too much.

William is back as himself but he has to face the truth.

Michael looks into the light as does Gabriel. The darkness is still within Gabriel.

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