2×07 Lay Thee Before Kings

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

Dominion was emotional! I hurt after watching this one!

Julian has a little torture in mind for Michael and Gabriel. Julian does not want to kill them, he wants to break them and then take one of their bodies as his own. His tool: a little electricity. Simon Merrells delivers an excellent speech as Julian. His torture inspiration? Stalin, great evil role model.

Alex wakes up to find himself alone and goes out to find Noma under attack. A mystery guy shows up and saves the day, even telling them where to find help. Who is this guy? I hope we find out soon!

We got an awesome flashback screen from Michael and Gabriel on “Lay Thee Before Kings.” Gabriel blames the whole situation (war and such) on Michael’s love for Alex. Michael reminds Gabriel that he once cared for a chosen one, David of David and Goliath. The scenes with little David lead us to believe that his death (after defeating Goliath) was the turning point for Gabriel. That moment made him anti-human.

Claire is busy getting her nursery ready, and Clates is still on because we get a tender moment between Gates and Claire. They are interrupted by a guard who leads them to a room of murdered people. Claire decides she needs to talk to Zoe face-to-face, but not through David Whele.

David is with Zoe in a rebellion-related meeting when the lights go out and, when they come back on, Zoe wants to know what that was about and David says, “Claire just said hello.”

Julian believes he can get Riesen (they left him in New Delphi) to give up the Amphora. Julian asks him about Clementine. Riesen hides nothing in his response. Julian believes Riesen has life in him and says he will prove it.

Later in the episode, Julian brings a woman to Riesen and says that when a vessel dies, the angel spirit goes elsewhere. The woman says Riesen’s name. Is it really Clementine? Does Julian have a soft spot? It could be purely a manipulative move but it could also be a nice gesture which leads him to get what he wants.

Noma and Alex find a store where Alex thinks they should get supplies to help her. Noma believes that is the first thing that looters would take, but they go in anyway. This store was filled with Eight balls working. It was the creepiest thing ever! There was one that said “Beep” over and over, ones stocking, ones advertising items on sale. Noma and Alex find a room filled with bodies, and Alex thinks that if they act like they’re shopping, they could get out.

This idea ends in a fight, but Alex and Noma take out all the Eight balls. Alex stitches up Noma’s wound (hopefully she’ll be ok now) and just as they are in the clear, Julian’s minions show up to kill them.

By they way, after he fixed her up, there were some very sweet Noma/Alex kisses. *That was the episode ending, so I have no clue what will happen but I’m worried*

Claire and Zoe meet up with Gates and David on each side. Zoe and Claire come to an agreement, but there’s a sniper. There are a lot of shots fired and everyone gets in their vehicles to escape, but Claire has been hit! This moment was basically the turning point for the episode and my emotional well being.

I suspected Arika of hiring the sniper since we (the viewers) know her ultimate goal is to rule Vega, but she accuses David. I didn’t want to believe that, but then we get a scene where David is furious with his hired sniper because Claire is not dead. He is making so many enemies.

What will Zoe do when she finds out he ruined her chance at peace? She knows it was him because she found the sniper and the dummie was wearing David’s watch (really?). I’m so worried about David, y’all. Like, I know he’s bad but I can’t help but want to root for Anthony Head.

Claire makes it through surgery and she’ll heal, but she lost the baby. Y’all, this scene really killed me. I was so heartbroken for her. I’m proud of the show for handling a topic that isn’t discussed much, though. The only positive side to this is that now she is not tied to Alex in any way. (I know, too soon…but I do like her and Gates together).

Gabriel is the next person to break me in this episode, as he takes the full brunt of the electricity to free Michael and give him a chance to save Alex.

Gabriel has changed so much since we first met him in season 1. But he locked Michael out and stayed behind and collapsed. Julian needs to save him for his plan to work!

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