2×05 Son of the Fallen

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

This week on Dominion, Gabriel has returned to New Delphi to take Alex. Alex is bartering with Julian to take Gabriel down. Julian agrees to show them the Inner Sanctum where they have their best shot at taking Gabriel down. Alex and Noma shared a kiss! Now Claire doesn’t have to feel so bad about Clates.

Michael shows up to Alex! Alex has a flashback of being bullied as a child, but Michael saved him then too. In current time, Alex is not so pleased with Michael, even though Michael says he disappeared to protect Alex. Michael warns that Julian is more dangerous and Alex needs to join him and Gabriel. Alex refuses.

Riesen sends Noma away and stays to keep Julian busy. Julian deduces that Riesen is sick. Julian offers to make Riesen like himself which will stop the sickness and make him strong. Riesen refuses and doesn’t want to be a monster like Julian.

Gates and Claire are laughing over breakfast, how sweet! I’m feeling this ship. And Arika is back! They plan to put a bounty on Zoe in order to get her. They want her dead or alive.

David is with his new V1 army. He doesn’t think they’re plan is really worth it, blowing up buildings. Someone attacks them. It must be the bounty. David takes down the attacker and they discover they were attacked by one of their very own. Thanks Claire, the bounty is working. Maybe someone should listen to David.

Noma finds Riesen alone. Julian attacked him. Noma leaves Riesen’s side to go take care of Julian and protect Alex.

Zoe is trying to save the man who attacked her, which shows she is a good leader. She offers to have a cease fire with Claire but the V1 who was shot thinks he should go instead. David conveniently offers to negotiate with Claire and says that everyone thinks he’s an Eightball sex perv so he has nowhere to go.

Gates has a message from Zoe which asks for negotiations and medical supplies at a neutral place. Arika offers to go in her place.

Julian found Alex. Julian is talking about Michael and how he could end it all but he won’t because Gabriel is his brother. Julian wants Alex to lure Michael into the trap and kill both Higher Angels. Alex threatens Julian’s life. Somehow, Julian always has a way with words.

And Arika comes face to face with David. Old flames. Arika brought vitamins and offers a doctor for a whole surrender. She doesn’t want a cease fire. David drops the V1 issue quickly and tries to bargain for his job. He also quickly gives up the whole V1 plan. Arika wants him to bring Zoe or the explosives. David has three hours.

Gabriel and Michael may be plotting to take down Julian together. But, Michael wants to get Alex and that is all.

Gates is impressed by David’s quick ability to take over the V1s. Claire doesn’t think David can complete the mission on his own. But if he does, then his exile is the smartest thing Claire ever did. It would allow her to stop a revolution by taking it out at the knee.

David comes back pretty much empty handed. Zoe won’t turn herself in and David is handcuffed. Zoe is going to bomb the tower tonight. David might just be screwed this time.

Another flashback from Michael and young Alex is tender and sweet. It shows the beginning of Michael and Alex and how Michael took him under his wing, pun intended.

Michael and Alex meet again and he wants Alex to come but he leads him a different direction.

Something is wrong with Claire!

Alex led Michael into the trap! Alex wants Michael to forgive him. Noma questions Alex’s decision. Gabriel is right there and wants Julian. They are trapped! Gabriel says he is going to save Michael by doing the one thing Michael can’t. What could that even be?

David is scheming. He’ll do anything to get ahead, including kill with his bare hands.

Claire is OK. The baby is OK and Claire needs to rest. Arika is there to reassure her. I really don’t know if she can be trusted. Gates is like a baby? He feels a little guilty about kissing her now. Don’t do that! Go for it, Gates! Gates knows the baby is not William’s and Claire reveals it’s a soldier. Claire doesn’t think he’s alive anymore. They are interrupted by a call from David and he has the explosives. David is acting very strange. Claire puts the city on lockdown afraid David is going to do the worst. I’m literally fearing the worst for David right now. I don’t know if I can keep watching if he’s not there.

Jasper has a gun on David. David brings him to go blow up Riesen tower. What?

Gabriel wants to kill Alex but Michael doesn’t want him to. Julian shows up just in time. Woah at Julian’s creepy eyes!

Julian isn’t ready to kill Gabriel yet. Is he about to reveal that he’s their brother? I don’t know what he was but they used to be on the same side. And he just told them anything. Julian plans to hurt them both. Gabriel has other plans. Nope, he’s in a net too. Michael got out.

Arika has a new lover who is the doctor who was helping Claire. Well, Arika just admitted she’s going to take Vega for herself. Helena is collapsing and that is Arika’s motivation.

Michael is hurt. He has another flashback. His flashback leads Alex to a plan. No, not a plan but a moment of regret. What has Alex done? PS, I love it when he calls Noma, Noms.

Zoe just found her lair has been taken down. David tells Zoe to clear the V1s in the tunnels, they only have 10 minutes.

Gates knows the V1s are fleeing the tunnels. David just blew up a lot of junk and he’s giddy as hell. David separated the city into two and the food is on his side. “David Whele just started a civil war.”

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