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Welcome to the wonderful world of Dominion, the supernatural thriller developed by the talented Mr. Vaun Wilmott. Our fandom is a friendly, ever-growing community, and we want you to enjoy your online Dominion experience to the fullest! Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions that will help you understand our community and encourage you to jump right in with both feet… errr, we mean wings!

The Show in General

Is Dominion based on a film?

The concept of Dominion, as well as several of its characters, is based on the 2010 film Legion. Showrunner Vaun Wilmott and the other writers have definitely created their own canon (i.e. the show’s established universe), which deviates in many important ways from the film.

The idea to make the feature film into a TV show was the brainchild of the production company Bold that’s owned by the producers of Legion. Vaun Wilmott pitched his vision of the TV sequel to Bold, and that’s when a fruitful collaboration began that ended in what we now call Dominion, the TV series. (Source:

How are Legion and Dominion related?

Legion served as a starting point for the TV show Dominion, but from what showrunner Vaun Wilmott has hinted at, it doesn’t mean that what happened in Legion is 100% consistent with the Dominion universe. We recommend that you take a look at Jacqueline Dreyer’s blog entry where she sheds light on the most important differences between the two. An interview with Vaun Wilmott and Chris Egan on the website also gives you a bit more background info.

How many seasons are there, and how many seasons are planned?

Two seasons have been produced and aired with a total of 21 episodes (8 episodes in season 1, 13 in season 2). Syfy cancelled the show after season 2 in October 2015. It is currently out in the open whether there is a chance for another network to pick up the show. Vaun Wilmott has said in the past that he is prepared to write more Dominion, having already plotted and outlined several seasons in advance.

Why do some websites refer to episode 1×09 when only eight episodes were aired?

The season finale was originally written and filmed as two full-length episodes (i.e. 45 minutes each without commercials). For reasons unknown to us, Syfy US decided to cut them down into a condensed one-episode finale that is just over one hour long. This version aired on US TV.

The uncut version of the finale was shown on Syfy UK in December 2014 as two parts with different episode titles: Part 1 was titled “Beware Those Closest To You” and part 2 was titled “Exiles”. This version has 20 minutes of extra footage not previously shown in the US.

The extended version of the season finale is included as one of the extras on the season one Blu-ray set, which was released in the US on Dec 23, 2014. The only caveat is that it’s an exclusive Blu-ray feature, meaning it is on the Blu-rays only, and not the DVDs. On the Blu-rays, the special feature is preceded by a message from Vaun Wilmott, which says:

In crafting our season one finale, two very different storylines presented themselves involving the character of Noma. In the end, both versions were filmed. I feel we chose correctly for the broadcast airing, but looking at the extra footage we made the decision that an alternate extended cut could be something that fans might enjoy. I won’t spoil anything, watch and see what you think. Both were made with a lot of love and I hope you all enjoy this bonus feature.

Vaun Wilmott
Executive Producer

Is the season 1 finale the only episode that’s available as ‘extended version’?

No, actually it’s not. There are also two versions of the pilot episode out there. Syfy in the US aired a shorter version (~65 minutes without commercials), while other countries such as UK and South Africa have aired the extended version that’s approx. 85 minutes long. This version of the pilot is available on the UK DVDs and Blu-rays. If you’d like to know more about the additional material that was cut from the US version, TeeJay has written up a comparison between the two.

Can I access scripts of the show anywhere?

An early version of the pilot script is available online, but that’s the only one we’re aware of. You can read a blog post about the comparison of this early pilot script with the final cut of the episode here.

Fan-compiled transcripts of the aired episodes are available on the Empyrean Steel blog.

The DVDs and Blu-rays

Is the show out on DVD?

Simple answer: Yes. Seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD and Blu-ray in several countries.

What extras are on the DVDs and Blu-rays?

The US version of the season 1 DVDs includes deleted scenes and a gag reel as special features. The Blu-ray version has those as well, plus an additional exclusive extended version of episode 1×08, “Beware Those Closest To You”, which includes 20 minutes of material not previously aired in the US. If you’re interested in a more in-depth review of the deleted scenes, we recommend TeeJay’s and BlueStar’s blog posts on this.

The season 2 DVDs and Blu-rays include deleted scenes and an extended director’s cut of the “Bewilderment of Heart” episode.

The UK version of the season 1 Blu-rays contains the same deleted scenes and gag reel as the US Blu-rays. We can only assume that these are on the DVDs as well, although we haven’t been able to verify this.

As to what extras are or will be on releases in other countries, we don’t have all the answers since we don’t own each and every version of the DVDs and Blu-rays.

Are the US DVDs/Blu-rays codefree?

We haven’t tested the DVDs, but the Blu-rays of the US version are codefree and should play in all countries. We can only assume that the same applies to the US DVDs.

With all these different regular and extended versions, which is included on on what DVD/Blu-ray release?

Season 1
US DVDs Regular pilot
Regular season finale
Bonus features: Gag reel, deleted scenes
US Blu-rays Regular pilot
Regular season finale
Bonus features: Extended season finale, gag reel, deleted scenes
UK DVDs Extended pilot
Extended finale
Bonus features: Gag reel, deleted scenes
UK Blu-rays Extended pilot
Extended finale
Bonus features: Gag reel, deleted scenes

Please note that the UK aired the extended version of both the pilot and the season 1 finale on TV, so that’s why only those versions are on the DVDs and Blu-rays. Strangely enough, the UK Blu-ray back cover says, ‘Blu-ray Exclusive Feature – “Beware Those Closest To You” Alternate Extended Version’, but there’s nothing “alternate” about it. It’s the only version that’s on there… We can only guess that this was a copy/paste error from the US cover they used as a template.

As to what versions are or will be on releases in other countries, we don’t have all the answers since we don’t own each and every version of the DVDs and Blu-rays.

The Show’s Universe – The Angels

What are the different types of angels?

There are archangels, higher angels and lower angels in the Dominion universe. The archangels we’ve seen on the show so far are Michael, Gabriel and Uriel, although Raphael has also been mentioned. The archangels look just like humans but possess certain special abilities such as superior strength and sword fighting skills. They also have a set of wings that is invisible when they are folded away but that they can unfurl from their backs to give them flight.

Higher angels are similar to archangels in every respect, except that they don’t possess as many special powers. They also look like humans and have a set of wings. Some higher angels belong to a new sphere of angels called “The Powers”, who possess more strength and certain special skills such as stronger body armor. Furiad is one such angel.

Lower angels are little more than wraith-like lesser spirits. Lacking physical form, they must take forcible possession of human bodies in order to exist in our world. They can be identified by certain physical traits such as black eyes, pointed teeth and a web of dark veins on their skin. Lower angels have the ability to climb up walls or ceilings on all fours in a spider-like way.

In season 2, it was revealed that human/higher angel hybrids exist, which are called dyads. Lyrae/Julian is one such hybrid. It seems that, in comparison to when a lower angel possesses a human body, a dyad gets the best of both worlds, because the human mind and psyche remains intact and exists in tandem with the angel’s. Dyads can be recognized by their eyes changing to black when the higher angel spirit becomes dominant over the human’s.

If you’d like to know more about the different kinds of angels and their traits, please refer to Chapter 2 of the Vega Handbook or the Revelations guide.

Why are the lower angels called Eight-balls?

When a lower angel possesses a human, the body undergoes certain changes, such as the telltale black irises, dark veins and sharp teeth. The term Eight-ball is reminiscent of the completely black iris of the lower angels’ eyes that look like the black number 8 ball in a Pool Billiard game.

How can you tell an angel from a human?

Lower angels can be easily identified by their physical traits described above. Higher angels and archangels are virtually indistinguishable from humans unless they have their wings unfurled or otherwise choose to reveal their special powers.

Dyads (human/higher angel hybrids) can only be recognized by their black eye color change when the angel spirit becomes dominant. Otherwise they look just like any normal human.

Can angels get pregnant?

Apparently, they can. And according to Vaun, that’s not a spoiler, just a rule.Angels Pregnant

Why do the Black Acolytes, Gabriel’s worshippers, wear blindfolds with eyes drawn on them?

The Vega Handbook states, “Members of the Black Acolytes can be identified by their signature blindfolds with open eyes stained on the inside. The ‘eyes’ are said to represent those of Gabriel, as it is rumored that he can see through the eyes of all those who serve him.”

What ever happened to the boy who killed Jeep?

While we never get an explanation of what truly happened to him after he fled in the pilot episode (his name is Roan, by the way), if you pay close attention, you can briefly see him in later episodes in scenes that play in Gabriel’s aerie. There’s also a rather pertinent moment involving Roan in the extended season one finale where he clandestinely surveys the abandoned waterpark where Alex just saved a mortally wounded Noma.

The Show’s Universe – The Geography

How many settlements with survivors of the Extermination War are there?

On the North American continent, only four settlements with survivors have been found so far. These are Vega, Helena, New Delphi and the Camp. It is not impossible that there are other settlements out there, but limited resources make it difficult to scout beyond a certain radius or communicate over great distances.

What about other continents? Are the only survivors of the Extermination War all located in North America?

Almost a decade after the Extermination War, contact with Europe, Russia and the rest of Asia broke off. Parties were sent out to other continents to reestablish contact but none have returned to date. It is simply not known if there are any population centers left outside of North America, but there is no evidence that seems to point to that possibility.

What is the “Cradle”?

The Cradle is the term for the entirety of the human settlements left on the North American continent, which includes Vega, Helena, New Delphi and the Camp.

Where is Helena?

Helena is a city built on the ruins of the former La Jolla, California. For more information, see

Where is New Delphi?

According to Vaun Wilmott, New Delphi is in the Montana/Idaho area.New Delphi location

Will we get to see any of the other cities or settlements in future seasons?

It has been confirmed that we will get glimpses at the other settlements in season 2, specifically New Delphi and a rural town called Mallory that seems untouched by the Extermination War. Showrunner Vaun Wilmott has said on Twitter that the universe will be expanded beyond Vega if the show gets more than one season.

Is there a map of the layout of Vega?

There is no official map of Vega, but there’s a fan-created approximation of one — a concept sketch with location labels.

Vega is supposed to be what was once Las Vegas. Is Dominion shot in Nevada?

No, Dominion is being filmed on location in Cape Town, South Africa.

Where can I find more information about the Dominion universe?

There’s a wonderful resource available on the official Syfy website called “The Citizen’s Handbook to Vega”. It has a lot of background information that was never revealed on the show itself and is a very interesting read if you’d like to know more about the universe the show is set in. The Handbook is available online in English. There are fan-created, more easily printable PDF versions available in US English, French and German.

With the start of season 2, Syfy also introduced a new information resource called “Dominion Revelations”. Online versions are available in US English and UK English. A new chapter is being revealed every week while season 2 is still airing.

The Characters

Is Alex Jeep’s biological son?

This question is difficult to answer, because we lack confirmation of whether or not that’s the case. The film Legion clearly states that Alex is not Jeep’s biological son but that Jeep was willing to raise him as such because he was in love with Alex’s mother Charlie. The official Syfy website, on the other hand, refers to Jeep as being Alex’s father and not his stepfather. On Dominion, Jeep’s last name has never been mentioned.

Showrunner Vaun Wilmott has been asked this question on Twitter a number of times, and while he never gave a clear answer, he has always said that Dominion it its own thing, and events in Legion aren’t necessarily 100% compliant with the show.


How and when did Alex’s mother die?

Details about Charlie’s death have not been revealed. All we currently know is what Michael told Alex about Charlie’s death in episode 1×03: Alex’s mother died in the bathroom of the house that she and Jeep lived in. During a particularly vicious Eight-ball attack, Jeep and Charlie barricaded themselves to keep Alex safe. Michael fought off the Eight-balls, but not before they managed to kill Charlie who had literally protected her son with her life. It is not clear how old Alex was at the time, so we can only assume he was either baby or toddler age.

Who healed Michael’s stab wound in episode 4, “The Flood”?

For the longest time, this was a big mystery, and fans speculated that it might have been another archangel not previously seen, most likely Raphael who is said to have healing powers. However, the extended version of the season 1 finale that is included in the US Blu-rays shed some more light on this. In a scene where Michael attempts to heal Noma who was wounded by an Empyrean blade, he plucks a feather from his wing and says that he’d like to repay the favor, which we can only assume means that it was Noma who healed his wound when he was injured by Furiad’s blade in episode 3.

Where did the photo with the hand on Michael’s shoulder come from?

Dominion-S1E8-MLYou may have seen this photo floating around the internet and asked yourself where it’s from since you don’t recall seeing this particular scene in any of the episodes. And you’re not far wrong, because it was apparently shot as one of the last scenes of the season 1 finale, but it didn’t make the final cut of the episode.

The photo surfaced for a short while in the gallery of the official Syfy website, but when  Syfy realized that this scene wasn’t actually included in the episode that aired, they removed it.

The caption that came with the image on the Syfy website might be slightly spoilery for season 2. If you’d like to read it, click here.

Interestingly, they put a deleted scene from the season 1 finale on the US DVDs/Blu-rays, which features Michael by the sea and seems to belong to this scene but doesn’t include the hand on his shoulder.

When Vaun Wilmott was asked about this, he responded that all you could see in that deleted scene was Lucifer’s hand. At the time, they hadn’t cast any actor for the role.

The Fandom

Is there a name for the Dominion fans, like Trekkies for Star Trek?

The Dominion fans like to refer to themselves as the Angel Corps — a name that was also endorsed by showrunner Vaun Wilmott. It stems from Vega’s Archangel Corps on the show, which is an elite military unit dedicated to protecting the safety of Vega and its citizens.

How can I become more involved in the Dominion fandom?

Dominion fans are an extremely creative and friendly international community. One of the most popular activities is participating in tweet-outs during broadcast episodes (original and reruns in a number of different countries), “challenges” (such as posting a picture of yourself, pets, or stuffed animals wearing paper wings), joining Facebook groups (and posting to the official Syfy Dominion Facebook page), and creative endeavors, such as cosplay, or making and posting fan art, poems, filks, blogs, videos, or fanfic.

You may also note that there is a lot of family feeling in the Dominion fandom. We have a very caring support network of fans who treat each other with respect and affection. We not only discuss Dominion, but we talk about our lives, our challenges, our families, our successes and our defeats. A virtual hug or a sympathetic shoulder goes a long way to help someone through a tough time.

Where do fans “meet”? Are there any forums or message boards related to the show?

Our website doesn’t have a forum, but the Tom Wisdom Fansite has one where many Dominion fans are registered and enjoy talking about the show.

Many of the fans also chat more or less daily on Twitter (hashtag #Dominion), and there are Facebook groups or other social media accounts or groups (e.g. Tumblr or LiveJournal) dedicated to the show as well. Please check our Links page if you’re interested in where to find them.

Whoa, the show’s creator just followed me on Twitter! What do I do?

Relax. Vaun Wilmott is very involved in the fandom and will follow most people who frequently tweet or talk about the show. He loves supporting and keeping track of what’s going on in the fandom and frequently favorites and retweets fan statements and fanworks if you tag or mention him. If he’s in a chatty mood, he might even answer your question if you have any. It hopefully goes without saying that you should always try to be respectful in your exchange with him to honor the service he’s doing to the fans. His Twitter handle is @VaunWilmott.

Do the stars and creative team really tweet with fans? Can anyone join in?

Most definitely yes! We encourage you to follow the cast and crew on Twitter, since they often post behind the scenes pictures and other information, as well as extremely funny personal tidbits. Vaun and the cast and crew have been amazingly generous with their time and information. We understand that we are VERY lucky in this respect, and never want to do anything to jeopardize this relationship. We always treat Vaun and the cast and crew respectfully, especially when it comes to establishing reasonable personal boundaries. Common sense says that there are some things you just shouldn’t presume, ask or request of a person you don’t personally know.

Some of the cast and crew members have rather interesting senses of humor, and you will sometimes see them getting pretty cheeky or familiar with fans. Please follow their lead in this respect. They will set the tone (and the limits) for what they consider funny and fair game. Also try to remember that the cast members have many followers, so be aware of how often and for how long you include them in conversations, unless you are directly asking them a question.

Why are Dominion fans so obsessed with hashtags?

In the official renewal announcement for Season 2 (as well as subsequent articles), Dominion’s fandom was singled out for its powerful Twitter presence. We’ve worked very hard to establish this, and will continue to work very hard in the future to live up to this reputation. Join us in this fun fan activity!

We will often have special announced tweet-outs using the hashtag #‎dominion. We also try very hard to use this hashtag as often as possible whenever we discuss Dominion on Twitter. The hashtag only counts in Twitter statistics (which we now know for sure are monitored from time to time by Syfy and other entities) if you disengage the privacy setting in your Twitter account (making your tweets public). Sometimes we also use special hashtags, for example if we are trying to trend a particular actor’s name. The best way to hear about tweet-outs is to “follow” other Dominion fans on Twitter, search for #dominion tagged tweets, and join Dominion-based Facebook groups.

What is TPTB’s stand on fan fiction?

The Dominion fandom is extremely fortunate that Vaun has stated several times that he appreciates the passion and creativity that go into writing fanfic. Please feel free to write and post fanfic in the usual places, and share it with other fans. HOWEVER (and this is a big HOWEVER), Vaun has also stated that he does not and will not read fanfic. Please respect this. Fanfic is written BY fans FOR fans.

Erm, what does TPTB stand for?

That’s a commonly used acronym for “The Powers That Be”, meaning the people in charge.

Can I repost or retweet the creative work of other Dominion fans I find online?

Of course! Everyone wants to be appreciated! One way to show your love to your fellow fans by “liking,” “sharing,” or “retweeting” their work. However, sometimes fans will post drafts of pieces for feedback and explicitly ask that they not be shared until they are completed. Please honor these requests! Also, be sure not to crop signatures from original pieces and give credit to the author/creator (unless it is an anonymous piece).

How are spoilers handled in the fandom?

We know it’s impossible to wait until Dominion has aired around the world to discuss episodes. Please keep in mind that some people would rather not hear spoilers prior to watching the episodes for the first time, so anything spoilery that you’d like to share before the episodes air for the very first time should be clearly marked as such.

We also ask that you respect any posted spoiler rules in a particular Facebook group or during a given tweet-out. For example, if US fans are tweeting along with Canadian fans who are watching an episode for the first time, please don’t post spoilers during that hour! Remember we all want to experience the joy of watching Dominion for the first time!

What’s the deal with all the cookie and pudding jokes?

The cookie story was started by executive producer Tommy Lieber in May 2014, who tweeted a photo of Tom Wisdom trying to hide that he was eating a cookie. It was accompanied by the text, “I almost had photographic proof of Tom Wisdom eating carbs. Almost.” Tom Wisdom then replied on Twitter, “In your dreams, Lieber. I keep telling you, Archangels don’t do carbs.” Further quite funny Twitter conversation ensued around the topic with more photos of Tom (almost) eating cookies on set, and it quickly grew into a meme that the Dominion fans latched onto. Ever since then, the fans have been joking about archangels, carbs and cookies, and there are now whole blogs dedicated to the topic.

The pudding references are drawn from one of the William/Gabriel scenes, specifically the opening scene from episode 1×03 “Broken Places”, where Gabriel proclaims that he loves pudding, but only if it’s not from a can. He can be seen relishing a glass of pudding at a diner in that scene, which the fans love and keep referring to. The theme recurred when he said, “The proof is in the pudding,” in episode 1×07.

What is “wingporn”?

Dominion’s special and visual effects are amazing, especially the angels’ wings. Whenever a fan posts an image, animated image, or brief video clip of an angel’s wings for the sole purpose of appreciating its beauty (i.e. ogling it), we refer to it as “wingporn.”

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