1×01 Pilot

25 A.E. (After Extinction), mankind is decimated from the losses in the great Extinction War, and the few settlements that still exist in the western Americas are struggling to survive.

Twenty-five years ago, Archangel Gabriel declared war on humanity, whom he blamed for the sudden disappearance of God. In the year 2013, Gabriel and his army of possessed humans waged a war like earth had never seen before, bringing humanity close to extinction.

Mankind eventually prevailed with the help of Michael, the greatest of archangels, who chose to fight for and alongside the remaining humans. Word spread soon that Michael had saved a newborn baby whose identity he kept secret. This baby became known as the Chosen One, said to grow up to be mankind’s savior.

A quarter of a decade later, one of the leading human sanctuaries that still stands strong is the city of Vega — the fortified remains of Las Vegas that are surrounded by 25 miles of impenetrable wall. When one day Sergeant Alex Lannon, one of Vega’s Archangel Corps soldiers, reports a run-in with a group of particularly vicious lower angels, it foreshadows that the tide may be turning and the times of uneasy truce may be over.

Gabriel is massing for another war against the remnants of mankind, gathering a massive army of angel soldiers. He has managed to persuade some of the higher angels to join him in the war that is coming. Mankind may be facing extinction once again.

Despite the grave news, Senator David Whele insists on holding the annual Jubilee to celebrate Vega’s success as a society. He makes use of the opportunity to officially announce the marriage between his son William and Claire Riesen, the daughter of General Edward Riesen who successfully led the Battle at Hoover Dam that decided the fate of the Extinction War. It’s a marriage made of political motivation rather than love, because Claire’s heart is already promised to Alex Lannon. The announcement forces Claire to choose between playing her part in Vega’s political machinery and her plan to run away with Alex.

While the city of Vega is trying to prepare for the onslaught and the leaders of the Senate are trying to decide on a course of action, Gabriel’s sly scheme bears fruit when one of his higher angels manages to kill Alex’s father Jeep while the whole city is in lockdown after an incident involving an angel attack.

Alex can only watch as helplessly as the rest of the city’s leaders when Jeep dies in his arms. As Alex presses down on his stab wound, Jeep forms the last words he would ever speak. “You’re ready. I believe in you. You are the Chosen One.” The astonishing revelation is underlined by the appearance of the mysterious tattoos on Alex’s body for everyone in the room to see. Faces stare in awe and disbelief.

Reluctantly coming to terms with his new identity as savior of mankind, with the help of Michael’s guidance Alex embarks on his task to decipher the tattoos and find the path to mankind’s salvation.

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