2×03 The Narrow Gate

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

This episode was filled with so much emotion! Every week, I tune into an even better episode of Dominion. Vaun Wilmott is very good at what he does and the team he is leading is just…breathtaking. This week my recap is a little more in the form of my thought process, a little different.

Spoilers ahead! Steer clear!


The door holds the possessed (Eightball). They use it as a torture chamber and Julian lost a key in there. Julian says the Chosen one should be able to handle it. Alex does it because it is the only way to get the alliance. Noma is told to stay out and protect Pete (Special boy). Alex makes one request and that is that Julian warns Vega about Gabriel.

Alex looks for the key and is surrounded by creepy Eightball whispers and chatter. Suspenseful! Alex is attacked. The Eightball looks like the exorcist girl and she loves the dark. Alex handles her. She had the key? General Riesen!! He was in the prison of New Delphi!

He is pretending to be a regular man. The key hasn’t been found. Riesen is like, “My daughter is pregnant?” Riesen has seen the key.

Riesen explains that Eightballs take the eyes out of jealousy. Alex found the key, but that Eightball just swallowed it. Oh, Alex is going in for it. Gross. More Eightballs attack. Riesen just watched Alex expel an Eightball.

Alex escapes with the key and Risen. Noma is shocked to see Riesen! Alex wants alliance for his service and a full pardon for Riesen. Julian agrees. Welcome to New Delphi.

Julian has a secret stash of vases with keys. Oh, my god! Julian is the angel Michael banished!!!


Laurel is digging a grave for Harper. Michael is pissed and she explains that now that Harper’s dead, her secrets can’t hurt anyone. Michael questions the secrets process and Laurel and says it’s not a celebration, but a sacrifice and Laurel will die? She volunteered. The prophet told them it must be done every five years. The grave Laurel is digging is for herself.

Michael is pissed at Laurel. He’s also mad that God doesn’t talk to him, but he talks to the people of Mallory.

Michael questions Laurel about her fear of dying and she wants to know what he wants. Michael says he is leaving and he refuses to watch Laurel die, plus Alex (like a son) needs him. She taught him that. Laurel is worried. It’s a little romantic up in here! Michael regains his faith through meeting Laurel. And it just got a lot more romantic.

Laurel is conducting the ritual of sacrifice now that she has all the confessions, but Michael stops her! He wants to take her place. What?

Michael says the ritual won’t work because he hasn’t told Laurel his sins. He begins telling the stories of his sins. Which are pretty brutal, we know that but he doesn’t give the people of Mallory the details. Laurel starts to stop him, but he says he’s not the man she thinks he is. Laurel hesitates but then says Father said it’s a good plan.

Michael takes the sins of the town from Laurel. Laurel is devastated that Michael will die and the fire goes out. Michael stabs himself to perform the ritual. Fire returns! They’re burying Michael…but can an Archangel be killed so easily? No, he’s ok. No big deal.

He appears to Wes (who killed Harper) and he is like, I’m going to kill you if you hurt anyone. Tell no one. I’m watching.


We first see him watching Vega. Gabriel wants Claire to fall and use that for his gain. He wants her head. He plans on taking Vega with an army. He is taking on two cities at once, but they haven’t done that since Michael was with them. New Delphi and Vega.

Gabriel feels Michael’s actions. Woah. Gabriel is broken. This scene was amazing! It physically hurt to watch.

Flashback (Most amazing moments of the night)

Michael is shown in the past ready to attack a temple in referenced battle. He says people don’t deserve it. Gabriel says to spare them. What a role reversal!

Michael was dark in the past. Gabriel is attacked by a man and he doesn’t want to kill or hurt the human, but he must to save himself. Turning point? He used to be so good.

Michale is pissed at the way one of his higher angels killed and he looks to Gabriel, who is a changed man. Not in a good way. The one Michael is upset with says that Michael was his muse for his evil doings. It’s a higher angel and Michael is banishing him. Dude is dead and his spirit is somewhere else.

Michael believes what the angel said of him and wants to be punished. Gabriel stops him. Michael apologizes for mocking Gabriel for his mercy.


Zoe escaped with the help of V1 rebels. We are introduced to Gates. Who is he? He has good taste in music and he’s sexy as hell! Gates is a finder and Claire wants him to find Zoe. Not a finder, he’s an engineer. Claire orders Gates to do it. He needs to fix a thing so the crops can keep growing. Gates needs an hour.

Gates found Zoe at a warehouse. He knows every move the V1s make. He noticed a lot more voltage use than normal and thinks that may be the base of the revolution.

Claire is observing a mission to take out Zoe and they find her. Unfortunately, the soldier doesn’t take the shot and Zoe gets away.

Claire asks the soldier, Sergeant Mills, why he hesitated on the hit with Zoe. He apologizes and she accuses him of doing it on purpose. Sergeant Mills tells her she doesn’t know guns, she says she does he says, “Go to hell you bitch.” Claire shoots him. Haha! New Claire is intense. Gates is flirting with Claire. But she’s Alex’s baby mama. The V1s took something and left gear and guns behind. Why?

As for my dear David Whele, he was nowhere to be found. I guess they don’t do prison visits in Vega. I’m hoping for a whole lot of him next week. Maybe we’ll see this next week!

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