2×12 Day of Wrath

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

Just two episodes left… This week on Dominion, “Day of Wrath.”

Way to jump right in, literally. Gabe grabbed Michael. Michael knows Gabe let the darkness out and he knows that Gabe is filled with darkness. Gabe used to blame Alex, but he now knows Michael caused all the bad. Angel fight!

Alex and Noma are hunting for Claire and Noma is still a little cray, but it looks like others are too.

Claire wakes up to see Arika and they discuss what happened. Arika is a mess and we’ve never seen her like this.

William is on the warpath. Don’t forget he wants everyone dead. He has officially started that mission.

David is drinking himself into a stupor, great. He is scaring people, but he reassures the man that it’s over now. David survived his own hanging, how the hell?

Noma and Alex found Arika and Claire. The eightball army is coming! Oh shit!

Alex wants him and Noma on the East Wall and Claire and Arika in the war room. “We survived the darkness and I’m not dying today.” Alex is being inspirational. Claire brings up her vision to Alex right in front of Noma. Just because Gates is gone, doesn’t mean Alex and Noma have to stop being a thing.

Gabe and Michael are fighting and just ranting about different things.

Arika refuses to go with Claire. She is going home. Claire begs her to stay, but she won’t physically stop her.

Gabe and Michael flashback to 2016 in Texas. They’re in a bar watching football. What? Nomas is with them. Gabe has the apocalypse.  He ends the world. That’s how the world ended. Gabe thinks ending the world and letting the angels kill the humans will bring Father back. I didn’t think that’s how that went down.

We’re back in the now with the continued angel battle.

Noma and Alex are ready to fight and they found some other humans. The people join Alex and they’re gonna kick some angel ass! Noma just admitted she loves Alex!!!!! OMG!!!

William is where he shouldn’t be. Someone is going to die! He’s in Claire’s home. I’m so nervous!

David is enjoying the nearness of his demise. Claire wants in the war room and David thinks she’ll kill him. Unite, guys! He let her in and she didn’t shoot him! Well, she is holding a gun to his head now. Please don’t.

Claire slaps him and tells that her reason for living is gone. He counters with his story. He’s sorry. Claire doesn’t do it! Thank God!

The Eightballs may be getting in quicker than expected. They found a tunnel and they’re coming.

Could maybe Julian show up and stop this?

I am so into Claire and David working together. Get the cannons online! Little Jerry is on it.

Arika is looking for her ladies.

Claire runs to Alex to warn her about the tunnels. Claire is going to fight with them. Noma and Claire have a heart to heart and it’s time to fight.

David and Jerry got the cannons online! David wants to kill the Eightballs and he’s giddy about it. It’s sweet and he gets to. I know have to worry William will get him.

William, don’t you dare. He killed Jerry! William, this is not the time. David has to kill Eightballs right now.

Arika is escaping, but she stops for a young girl. She’s gonna take the girl, but Arika sends her away. Is she going back to fight?

Michael lets Gabe know that Lucifer is alive.

William is telling David about his experience of the darkness. David tells him it’s a nightmare. William says he’s just a man.

Claire and Alex reminisce as the Eightballs are close to breaking through.

David is trying to reason with William, but he can’t. He has to knock him out, but it’s too late and the gate is open.

Fight Alex, Noma and Claire!

William attacks David and breaks everything. David had to kill his own son! David always does anything he can to save Vega.

Gabe is going to Mallory and he’s taking Michael.

Alex stops shooting and steps forward. What?

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