1×01 Pilot

1×02 Godspeed

1×03 Broken Places

1×04 The Flood

1×05 Something Borrowed

1×06 Black Eyes Blue

1×07 Ouroboros

1×08 Beware Those Closest To You

2×01 Heirs of Salvation

2×02 Mouth of the Damned

2×03 The Narrow Gate

2×04 The Bitter Truth

2×05 Son of the Fallen

2×06 Reap the Whirlwind

2×07 Lay Thee Before Kings

2×08 The Longest Mile Home

2×09 The Seed of Evil

2×10 House of Sacrifice

2×11 Bewilderment of Heart

2×12 Day of Wrath

2×13 Sine Deo Nihil

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