1×06 Black Eyes Blue

Michael walks along a passage in quick strides, approaching the old casino vault where Alex is keeping Clementine locked up. While the Eight-ball pleads to let her go, Michael wants them to kill her on the spot. Alex wants to try what they call an eviction — to remove the lower angel spirit from the host without killing the person they once were. Michael only sees the threat that the Eight-ball poses and he doesn’t believe that Alex can perform a successful eviction.

Claire seeks out her father and thanks him for the lovely gift. It’s the music box Clementine bought and left in her room, and at first the general can’t quite bring himself to pretend. Together they briefly reminisce old times before he tells her that the no confidence vote isn’t off the table.

David surprises William when he shows him the blindfold that Claire found in his study. David is convinced Gabriel’s followers, the Black Acolytes, are infiltrating the upper Vs, and he’s glad that William is trying to expose them.

Michael summons Uriel to their meeting place. He bribes her with a Vermeer painting in exchange for the Apocrypha — an ancient book they’ll need for Alex to perform the eviction. Uriel agrees under one condition: She wants to see the Chosen One in person.

Michael grants her the wish and she’s fascinated by the tattoos on Alex’s body. When she hands over the Apocrypha, it’s not quite as easy as opening it and reading instructions. The writings have faded, but it’s the tattoos that help Alex decipher the pages when he touches the book and concentrates.

General Riesen is making preparations to guide Claire into the role of Lady of the City. He wants her to participate in Senate sessions and he introduces her to Arika. When she gets a note from Alex, she hastily leaves and meets Alex and Michael at the casino vault.

She is visibly shocked to find her mother turned into an Eight-ball, fully aware of her identity and wishing to speak to her. It’s an abomination to Claire, and she walks away.

Claire gone, General Riesen sits down with Arika and tells her of the knowledge he possesses that other people in Vega do not. Everyone is of the impression that Helena owns a large Air Force, something that David Whele’s had his eye on for a long time. But in fact, it’s only one B52 bomber and two helicopters that remain. Still, Riesen believes that if Helena and Vega team up, they can use the plane to drop a bomb on Gabriel’s lair and thus eliminate the threat he poses in one fell swoop. Arika isn’t so quick to agree to a joint mission.

Alex was able to persuade Claire to speak to her mother. Claire refuses to believe the Eight-ball across from her is anything like her mother, but there’s a memory Clementine tells her that makes her change her mind. Her mother may still be in there, and she can see that now.

With the help of the Apocrypha, Alex makes his first eviction attempt. It’s a cruel process as the angel spirit doesn’t want to leave. Clementine struggles against it, and it takes a long time until there’s a change. But then the black irises turn blue, the teeth straighten and the dark veins vanish. Claire’s mother has returned — as a human. Claire can’t believe it, it’s too good to be true. However, the blissful moment doesn’t last. Clementine’s body goes into convulsions and she collapses in Claire’s arms. No one can help her now, her spirit is gone and all that’s left is a physical shell without a soul or identity.

Edward Riesen counters David Whele’s evil plan to have him removed from the Senate by slyly excluding Whele from the latest Senate meeting where he reveals that Helena’s Air Force isn’t quite as formidable as they thought. So much for the vote of no confidence.

We come back to the music box, because Claire finally knows that it wasn’t a gift from her father. It doesn’t make it easier for the either of them that Claire now has this knowledge.

William finally steps up when he threatens his father with a gun. David isn’t so much scared as he is proud of his son. He challenges William to shoot him, but William can’t quite bring himself to do it. He knocks him unconscious instead to plan his revenge for what William believes is his father’s doing — the massacre of some of his Black Acolytes at the last congregation meeting where Archangel Corps soldiers shot many of them unprovoked.

David will receive his rightful punishment. William brings him before the remaining Black Acolytes and makes him go through the initiation ritual. While David’s ribs are being crushed by an ever tightening cloth around his chest, the congregation chanting, “Where one breaks, one becomes stronger.”

In the casino vault, Claire knows what she will have to do. She can’t see her mother suffer any longer. She wordlessly walks past Alex and pulls her mother’s limp body into her lap. Then she holds her mouth and nose closed until Clementine asphyxiates to Claire humming the tune of the music box.

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