2×04 A Bitter Truth

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

Wow!  You know when a show is good? When it surpasses expectation and literally brings a bigger, better game every week. And I may be biased but Anthony Head was amazing in this week’s episode of Dominion, “A Bitter Truth.”


Noma is tied up and frightened. We immediately go back 5 hours. Julian is showing Alex and Noma what they need to defeat Gabriel. Julian claims that angels and humans working together is the only way. Alex states that everything is chaos and all are afraid. Alex wants the alliance he was promised.

David is in the lower city, it looks like. He looks awful! William is still haunting him. Claire and Arika have him by his balls. David states that he has the strength of a survivor and then he’s kidnapped!

Claire interrupts Gates watching a Yankees/Red Sox game and it’s my least favorite of all the games (Yankees fan here). Gates is telling a sentimental story about the game and his ball from Big Poppy. He says he watches the game he can’t solve which is Zoe. Claire says that she can’t do this on her own. Someone followed her there which breaks protocol. Claire pulls a gun but Gates says he has it.

Gabriel is in the desert with Janeck. He is mad at Janeck for not showing up in New Delphi with the army that was promised. Janeck doubts that Father will ever return and he reveals the death of Uriel. She died in the bombing by Claire Riesen. Gabriel’s face shows both shock and pain. Gabriel hurts Janeck threatening him and then Janeck says he’ll get the army.

William ‘wakes’ David in the place he was brought to. He was taken by Zoe. She wants to use him. She wants to film his death and use it get all the V1s on her side. Y’all better not touch a hair on David Whele’s head!

Alex is meeting with Riesen and Noma about the deal. He thinks Julian lied about the army. Riesen points out that New Delphi defied Gabriel for the past 25 years and Vega was unable to do that even with Michael on their side.

Claire and Gates are watching the intruder when more showup, an angel. But the angel kills Zoe’s people. Claire assumes Gabriel must be alive because he is the only one who can send an angel. And the angel is there to kill Claire. The angel knocks out the power before Gates can complete a distress call.

Michael is hunting for Alex and finds the truck they had abandoned. Tom Wisdom even walks sexy like! Gabriel comes upon him. Michael says that Noma called him there. Gabriel tells Michael of the bombing and Uriel. Brother fight! Michael thinks Gabriel is lying. Michael is stronger than Gabriel or he’s not fighting back hard enough

Gates is working on getting the power back. The angel left the video feed up for them to watch.

Zoe has her man, Jasper beating up David and telling him all of his sins. She instructs Jasper to shoot David. And David offers up a place to hide, where they can be safe during their revolution. David used to be a preacher??? Zoe is intrigued. “Take us there.”

Gates says that his safehouse has weak spots but they should be safe. The angel goes into the basement and Gates says it’s dark. Claire informs him that angels can see fine in the dark. Then the angel causes some ruckus and hurts Gates. Uh oh!

Riesen approaches Julian about Gabriel and their need to set a trap. They don’t need defense or a big offense if they have a trap. He says that Gabriel’s on top of the food chain and if they want to defeat him they have to think like him. Julian likes that idea.

Alex and Noma use the distraction as a chance to look around a bit. They are looking for something that Julian would find important. They find something even though Noma says it feels bad. They open it and find an army of paralyzed Eightballs, at least that’s what they look like. “This isn’t a city of merchants, it’s a city of monsters.”

Gabriel admits that he lied about Alex and he is alive. Michael thinks Uriel could be alive but Gabriel confirms that they found her body.

Gates wakes up and Claire is helping him up to see the video feed of the angel using his wings to cut through the door.

Noma and Alex come back to Riesen and Julian confronts them. He admits to his army and says they’re in stasis and he hopes Alex didn’t disturb them. Alex wants to know where the boy is, Pete. Julian offers to take them to see him. Not a good sign.

Jasper and Zoe follow David, pushing him brutally to the ground all while William is taunting him in his head. They like the place. David reaches into a drawer but what he wants isn’t there.

Gates is rigging a weapon which will kill a human twice. Claire needs to stay on the rubber mat and it works. They took the angel down! Nope! The angel killed the feed and is twice as angry.

Zoe is pleased with the hideout but now it’s time to kill David. He panics but, in his panic, makes another offer. David says he has the codes to the storage facilities and that Zoe can get in and out unnoticed and feed her people. She says that he’s bought himself another thirty minutes.

Pete is tied up and Julian has Noma and Alex trapped to watch whatever he’s about to do. Julian reveals that he has found a way to lead the lower angels to the humans they need to possess. The device pulls lower angels down to possess whoever Julian wants. He’s doing it to Pete. Pete is gone, again. Julian is going to do it again to Alex or Noma.

Gates tells the story about how Riesen found him and picked him for the job he does. Claire needs him to survive this. Gates has a plan!

Noma reveals she’s an angel when Julian tries to have her possessed. Alex and Noma fight them off together. Noma wants to leave but Alex says that they need Julian.

Gabriel is bickering with Michael. Michael says that humans are just as much Father’s children as the angels are. Gabriel disagrees. He says the markings are meant for Michael. Michael defends him and says that the markings were meant for Alex. Michael asks Gabriel where Alex is and Gabriel says he can tell him but that Michael won’t like the answer.

The codes to the storage units were good. David pulls a gun on Jasper and Zoe. David channels his preacher days and speaks about the video that changed his life. He speaks of his strength, even leaving William in the desert. He is talking to William right in front of them and shoots William. Zoe and Jasper are so lost and I’m so worried about David. “I need to think big again.”

Julian questions Riesen about Noma and Riesen claims to have known. Riesen says he thinks Alex would run. Noma and Alex are together which is good. Noma is so upset with the possession attempt. She wants to kill Julian. She feels for Pete because that has happened to him twice.

David lays out a plan for Zoe. He admits to having the codes for everything and that Zoe is thinking too small but, with his help, they can own the city. David gives up the gun turning the choice over to Zoe. Jasper wants to know what David gets out of the deal. David answers, “A new beginning and the chance to help you destroy Claire Riesen.”

Noma tells Alex about Julian’s weapon but says it doesn’t work like it does when Julian is using it. Only an angel can use it. She doesn’t know how he is doing it. They don’t know Julian was an angel. Alex wants to unleash the whole thing and Noma says it will destroy the city plus more.

Claire and Gates set up a trap. Gates is to escape first and then Claire but it doesn’t go as planned. Claire finds a way to trigger the button and trap the angel inside while getting both of them out. Yay!

Claire and Gates made it out and she saved his baseball card! Are we shipping them yet?

Michael asks Gabriel to go to New Delphi with him. They can go as brothers. They want Alex for different reasons but they both want him out. Gabriel agrees to fight with Michael.

Julian accuses Riesen of lying. Noma and Julian bring the magic vase and threaten to open it. Noma exposes Julian for what he is. Julian says it can kill anyone, including Michael and Gabriel. Alex says they can be united on that and if not, Noma will unleash it.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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