2×08 The Longest Mile Home

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

Previously, my heart broke while watching Dominion.

We start right back in the creepy grocery store where Julian’s Eightballs are going to make their way in. Alex doesn’t have time for that and he busts out, takes their chainsaw, attacks and… Michael!!!! They hug, signifying a bromance. Alex is not happy Gabriel is not dead, but Michael explains how Gabriel sacrificed himself. They need to get to Vega before Julian does.

William Whele shows up outside the walls of Vega.

Michael goes back with Alex and Noma to the house they slept at and says they were being protected like in Mallory.

David and Arika are discussing how David went against their plan. Zoe comes up as David reveals he will rule all of Vega, and Gates hears the whole thing. David explains to Zoe that Arika is an ally and how he has gunmen of his own now. Zoe wants peace but David wants to win the war.

Zoe said, “When it’s over (the war) one of us will die.”

David’s reply, “Ladies first.”

Arika gives Claire her sympathy over the loss of the baby (remember when I cried last week) but Gates interrupts. Arika believes Claire’s loss of the baby is an asset.

Riesen does not believe that Clementine is herself. She defends her existence and kind of lies about Alex. Riesen kind of admits to being a bad man.

Julian revived Gabriel after last week. He is now taunting him. They quip about who made Noma want to rip her wings off to escape. Julian begins the torture again as Gabriel believes hearing Julian talk is worse. So far this episode is starting slow but we need a quick breather.

Aw, Gates is doting on Claire. Gates called Arika to the meeting room. Arika wants to know where Zoe and David are. Arika’s idea is to go after the armory but Gates says they’ll need those. Claire plans to raid the armory. Arika sends David a message.

William Whele is hungry. He hits a local bar. The people there don’t believe William. I really don’t like William (on a personal note).

Gabriel is awake! He escaped! Is it a dream or a trap? He got himself a hood. His escape chances are looking better. It’s a dream. Or a hallucination. Poor Gabriel (I never would have said that last summer). “Claire” is leading Gabriel around. Noma is there too. The ladies say that Julian is invincible. Oh, Arika! This is a crazy scene! Fake Noma really enjoys this. The girls are being so mean to him. I know it’s fake but their demeaning him. Is this a sexual fantasy? I don’t like “Glaire” very much.

William is defending himself to one of the people at the bar. Well, one guy. And then he kills him. Wow, little Whele.

Julian reveals the news of the civil war in Vega to Riesen. He even tells him about Claire was shot. Julian is promoting making Riesen a dyad again for the amphora. Julian says they can save Vega together.

So, I wasn’t going to write about the Riesen flashbacks but Riesen isn’t even his name. And his wife was possessed from the beginning. Poor baby Claire.

Clementine (maybe) is trying to convince Riesen to take Julian’s deal. Riesen is dying.

William stole his victim’s money and went back to buy a beer. He tells his story.

Julian is going to convince him or we see Riesen die tonight.

Michael and Noma are waiting as Alex fixes the car so they can go to Vega. Noma tells Michael about the man in the hat and how the man had said to go East.

Gabriel’s hallucination has turned fully sexual.

Zoe is going to ambush Claire’s attack on the armory. David offers to help with his own men. This can’t end well. David has one hand for goodness sake! Zoe calls David out for being an amateur with a gun. And attack! The lookouts failed. Looks like Vega’s army is pretty good. The attack was false and the armory was a trick. Arika knows Gates knows now. Claire’s army went for the food supply and got the unsuspecting guards. There was a bomb for Zoe and company. Thank God David wasn’t too close! Zoe is trapped but David can’t help her because soldiers are coming and he is about self preservation.

The ladies were real but it was a hallucination. Gabriel proved Julian’s point somehow. Julian points out that Gabriel’s mind is weak and he will break that first. Gabriel may be working out a way out.

Arika gets ready to escape but she’s arrested for being a traitor. It’s not her first visit to the prison.

Gates visits Claire to update her and she says good before breaking down. Claire visits Zoe next, who is also in jail. Claire shot Zoe in the head! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe what I just saw! She will not let anyone live who came at her again.

William is rallying an army, I believe. He says the father is here and revealed himself to William. Oh my gosh, is he pretending to be the chosen one? And he’s going to pass judgement on people? He is so crazy!

Riesen became a dyad! What?!?!?!

Gates has been poisoned! At least that’s what it looks like.

Gabriel speaks to Pete. Pete is strong and knows how to resist possession. Julian whistles his way around the corner. Julian has the amphora!

What a crazy episode! What did y’all think?

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