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A huge fan of shows on Syfy since day 1. I’ve been an admin of a True Blood and Alexander Skarsgard fan site since 1/31/09. Dominion is such a fun show to enjoy as a family that I decided it was time for a fansite and a place for fans to chat about the show.
Twitter: @vs4as


Happened upon Dominion when it came highly recommended by a friend. Watched the pilot, was hooked quickly, and the rest is history. Love image editing, writing and reading fan fictions, and tend to get involved in many other fandom shenanigans.
Twitter: @aka_TeeJay
Tumblr: from-the-stratosphere.tumblr.com
Dominion blog: dominionsyfy.wordpress.com

Twitter: @missimin


Kris ~ scientist and geek
Twitter: @dominionv5
Blog: empyreansteel.wordpress.com

Jane ~ Alumni from Marshall University. Fringie Forever and loves Dominion & Helix.
Twitter: @JaneAWilson2

Halona ~ Loves to make Dominion music videos / Artist, Writer of angel and fantasy stories / also likes Sherlock & Doctor Who
Twitter: @HalonaHolmes
YouTube: Halona’s Channel


This fan site is in no way affiliated or linked with SyFy or Dominion, their management or anyone affiliated with the show. This website was created for entertainment value only.

Images and information on this site are not posted for commercial gain, and are used under the 107 Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use Law 107. All images and information are property of their respectful owners. This site does not claim any copyrights, no infringement intended. This is strictly a non-profit website and no money is being made through it.

The webmasters of dominionfans.com are not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from dominionfans.com. If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages.

Furthermore the webmasters of dominionfans.com are not liable for any posts, messages, links to external websites, or other material (interviews, images, videos, etc.) provided on this website that is published by users of discussion boards, guestbooks, mailing lists, a comments function or other forms of databases to whose content external write access is granted. Responsibility lies with the authors of the posted or otherwise published content. Contributions by name reflect the opinion of the respective author and do not always reflect the opinion of the owner of this website.

The owner of this website cannot guarantee correctness, completeness, and topicality of the contents presented. The use of contents from this website is at the user’s own risk.

3 thoughts on “About the Site”

  1. beth biscuso said:

    we are creating a dominion workgroup for season 2….like your site!!

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