2×02 Mouth of the Damned

written by Erica Rose Jackson
originally posted on popwrapped.com

The new season of Dominion opened hard, and this second episode did not let up. This episode was on fire! The acting, writing, and directing are on point!



We open back up right where we left off with Alex, Noma and, the reformed kid trapped by Eightballs! They’re taken into New Delphi which is full of humans and human-like Eightballs. Alex and Noma are taken to Julian, the leader of New Delphi, who explains the community’s trade system. Alex killed one of the Eightballs (New Delphi doesn’t like that word) and Julian wants one of their lives to make it fair. Alex explains that they have a common enemy who is on the way. He proposes they join forces to take down Gabriel. Julian doesn’t trust Alex and when Gabriel shows up on the perimeter, he grabs his gun (loaded with special bullets) and heads out, leaving Alex guarded. Noma didn’t get taken back with Alex. Gabriel tells his minions that they need to be careful of the guns and to keep their wings hidden.

Once Gabriel gets inside, a battle ensues. Noma takes on Nero and kicks his ass. Alex takes on his guard to get out into the battle and owns him. Julian finds Alex has escaped and comes out to find him but Gabriel interrupts and all he wants is Alex. Not gonna happen. Nero shows up all injured and vomiting blood. Gabriel kills him to end his suffering before leaving, but the war between them isn’t over.

The danger is gone for now but Julian doesn’t want to align forces with Alex. Alex gives him a reason to try it out and shows him the ‘chosen one’ markings. Julian gives Alex a test to gain his trust: he has to retrieve something from behind a mysterious door. It sounds like there are a whole bunch of Eightballs on the other side.


Michael is still in Mallory this week and he’s wandered out to ask an Eightball about the fire. The Eightball explains that he doesn’t know why but it burns if they get too close. Michael drags him closer to check that and it’s accurate. The lower angel begins to burn. Laurel (I called her leader last week) explains that it’s faith in their Father that keeps them safe. Michal doubts that’s the reason. Laurel tells him he can’t believe until he forgives himself.

One of Mallory’s natives, Harper, wandered off. But she comes back all disoriented and can’t function. Michael fixes Harper under the condition that she not mention seeing who he really is from earlier on the beach. She agrees, and when Laurel makes her confess her sins, Harper lies and one of the natives kills her to keep the town safe. Mallory is one messed up place. It reminds me of Woodbury from The Walking Dead.


Claire is attacked at the beginning of the episode by a girl named Zoe posing as a guard. She’s a V1 and she hates Claire for keeping them poor and hungry down below. Claire assumes David sent Zoe to kill her and he says he had nothing to do with it. Arika believes he’s lying and decides something must be done.

Arika takes Claire to a cell where she’s hiding an Eightball and explains that they feel a need to hold the things that belonged to the person they possessed. We meet Rose, an Eightball that Arika gets to become human enough to trick David. She uses a photo of the woman Rose possessed as leverage. Claire wants to know if Rose will try to kill David and Arika just says that they’re unpredictable.

Rose is sent in after David in what I think was the best scene of the night. Some love that Michael beach scene from last week but I am all about David walking in about to get in that inviting bed! (Sorry, I got sidetracked). So, he gets in his room and Rose shows up naked saying she doesn’t want to fight. David doesn’t ask why there’s a naked woman in his room, he just says, “I could eat you up.” Well, she reveals herself and Claire got it on film. I’ve never seen Anthony Head use the word ‘bitch’ that many times.

She uses the footage of his “affair” with an Eightball to make him resign his responsibilities. I think he’ll find a way around it though.

Rose returns to Arika for the photo because she did what she was asked and Arika kills her.

Whoa! What did y’all think of last night’s Dominion? Do you think David is done for? And how long before Gabriel comes back for Alex? What’s behind that door? And will Michael leave that creepy town?

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