1×05 Something Borrowed

Out in the desert in the blinding sun, Alex hastily loads his gun, aiming and firing at an oncoming angel flying low above him. Dozens and dozens of shell casings on the ground tell a tale of the many rounds he’s already fired. Merciless wings hit him and he drops to the ground. We recognize the attacking angel as Michael, who is teaching Alex a lesson, and Alex isn’t doing so well.

Michael’s lesson seems to be two-fold. Alex needs to learn to keep his emotions in check, and Michael tells him to watch the shadows, not the sun. Alex can only growl at him.

A glimpse into David Whele’s past reveals that he lost his family in an Eight-ball attack. The whole family is hiding in their closet — David’s wife, William as a toddler and an older brother and sister. Nevertheless, the Eight-balls discover them and ruthlessly kill the wife and older children, leaving David and his son the only survivors of the gruesome scene.

Back in the Archangel Corps dorm, Claire is waiting for Alex to tell him that her duty is to the city and that she is marrying William because it’s the right thing to do. It’s as much a break-up talk as it is a confession of her love to him.

When David comes to House Riesen to deliver an early wedding gift, he drops a pretty big bomb on Claire. Somehow word of Edward Riesen’s heart condition got out, and the Senate is pushing for a vote of no confidence for the general to step down.

Disguised with sunglasses, Clementine is out shopping in the city when she sees an old family heirloom in a bric-a-brac shop window. She goes in to buy back the white music box, but the shop owner recognizes her Eight-ball eyes and sharp teeth. Before he can grab his gun to shoot her, she reaches over the counter and kills him with one swift motion without even realizing what she’s doing.

Up in the Stratosphere tower, Michael is trying to teach Alex how to focus and channel another vision. It comes to him in the form of Bixby who tells him not to let them hurt anyone else.

The general visits Clementine again, and she confesses that we went into the city for urgent errands. Clementine is quite a unique creature, not quite Eight-ball, not quite human. She doesn’t fit in, and she knows it. And she’s scared that she can’t live like that forever.

Out by the Chosen One statue, William preaches to his Church of the Savior congregation. Things get volatile when one of his Black Acolytes approaches him in public, threatening to call him on his duplicity. It’s only Claire’s sudden appearance that stops William from doing harm to his disciple. Claire wants William to discourage his father from dethroning the general.

In a moment of sentiment, Clementine sneaks into House Riesen and leaves the music box in Claire’s room. Edward catches her doing it and sends her away. Meanwhile William sneaks into his father’s office and deposits a Black Acolyte blindfold in one of his desk drawers.

General Riesen pays Michael a rare visit up in the tower, asking him to personally take care of Clementine — and to make sure he ends her life. But it’s not Michael who finds Clementine first, it’s Alex.

We may have underestimated William, because he’s a lot slyer than one might think. He sends Claire to his father’s room to look for what he says is his speech for the festivities that are going on. As she snoops through David’s desk, she happens upon the blindfold that William hid there. And of course she will use it to extort David into keeping her father’s seat on the Senate.

While Alex is trying to decide whether to kill Clementine or not — seeing how she’s begging for her life when he trains his gun on her — Claire holds her opening speech for the marriage announcement festivities. As she raises her glass to toast her mother, she steps aside and reveals a family portrait. What becomes immediately clear is that the former Mrs. Riesen is now the Eight-ball we’ve come to know as Clementine.

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