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Greetings Angels!

Dominion_Round_D3As the premiere of Dominion Season 2 approaches, now is the time to prepare ourselves for battle – the battle for Season 3!

The fandom went through a nail biter last year as we anxiously awaited word on whether or not our beloved show would be renewed. When word finally came from on high, our strong social media presence was cited as one of the reasons why Dominion was renewed.

We need to step up our game this year, because we want to guarantee season 3 is announced as soon as Season 2 ends! Let our battle cry be “Raise Hell On Earth Online!”

Here are eleven ways (one louder!) you can help guarantee that Season 3 of Dominion becomes a reality!

11Watch Season 1

Keep the buzz about Season 1 alive! If you haven’t already done so, buy the DVD or Blu-ray, or watch episodes on Netflix or Amazon. If there is a Dominion marathon on Syfy (or On Demand), watch it!

10Watch Season 2

When the Season 2 episodes air, watch them live, DVR them, watch them on your DVR, and watch them On Demand. Also watch them on the Syfy website once they are posted. Let’s get those ratings stats into the Stratosphere!

9Get the show noticed

Participate in any online shows of support that are widely advertised by the fandom, such as competitive polls (“best character” or “best supernatural show”). In the past we have either won or placed a very close and impressive second in such polls, and it gets Dominion noticed! Or write to your favorite print magazine(s) or newspapers to ask them to write about Dominion. Any way to get the show more press coverage is appreciated.

8Interact on IMDb

Rate the show and individual episodes on IMDb. If you have an account, write summaries, add quotes, post to the discussion board, etc.

7Interact online

When you see a review of Dominion on a blog or website, be sure to add to the comments section! If the reviewer likes the show, support them. If you disagree with their opinion, respectfully explain why. The same goes for tweets by Ted A’Zary, Syfy senior executive (@Syfy). Let him know (again, respectfully) how much we LOVE Dominion!

6Interact on Twitter

Tweet about Dominion and post about it on Facebook. Always use the hashtag #Dominion‬. Other hashtags are harder to track and do not add to our cause. We want to send a CLEAR signal to Syfy. Using ONE hashtag ALL THE TIME is the best way to do this. Note: on special occasions there may be an official call to use a secondary hashtag along with #Dominion (NOT instead of!). These will be posted widely so you will know about it. Remember, we want to give Vaun all the ammunition he needs to convince Syfy to renew Dominion for Season 3!

5Interact on Facebook

Like the official Facebook account and like and share all the official posts! Make sure you enthusiastically comment to all official posts as well (and like comments you agree with)!

4Visit the official Syfy website

Visit the official Syfy website and click on ALL the Dominion links and watch all the videos – repeatedly and with different devices!

3Join the tweetouts (i.e. live tweets)

This is a great chance to have fun with other fans, read the hilarious thoughts of cast and crew, and show support for Dominion! Make sure you use the hashtag #Dominion and avoid Twitter jail! Having several Twitter accounts is a good strategy. Remember that you can share the tweets of others to help our statistics, just make sure those shared tweets have the hashtag in them!

2Actively participate in the fandom

Be active in the fandom! Write fanfic or poems; post blogs, memes or artwork; create videos; get together with fellow fans both virtually and in person (if possible). Follow other fans on Twitter and Facebook. Join the various Facebook communities. If you are at a fan convention, ask dealers for Dominion merchandise and hosts for Dominion programming!

1Spread the word

Get your friends and family hooked on Dominion and encourage them to take part in everything we’ve discussed so far! We need to increase the ranks of Angel Corps so we can help our most special angel, Vaun, in his fight to keep Dominion on our TV screens for many years to come!