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A few Dominion related updates for you all, now that Monday has rolled around the corner:

  • As usual, we’ll be live tweeting on Thursday. No special theme this week, just be there with us from 9/8c onwards and join the fun! A lot of the cast and crew will live tweet, please see the banners below for more info. Would be great if you could spread the word.
  • Have you already seen episode 2×03? What did you think? As usual, it’d be wonderful if you could support the show and add your user rating on IMDb and TV.com, and also complete the SpoilerTV poll.
  • The official Syfy website is adding new material almost every day, so it’s always worth a visit. Newly added were the trailer for the upcoming episode 2×04 ‘A Bitter Truth’, the ‘Inside Dominion’ featurette for episode 2×03, and more recap videos from that episode, which you can find in the video section.
  • Dominion: Revelations has chapter III now activated. You can learn everything about the former Mallory leaders if you’re interested to find out more about the mythology behind the show.
  • If you’re the spoilery type, you might enjoy the new stills from episodes 2×04 and 2×05 that have been added to our website. Nothing really revealing, except maybe minor tidbits. (And lots of room for speculation!)
  • Want more images? Screencapped.net is uploading high resolution screencaps of the new episodes every week. The Syfy site also has episode photos up from last week’s episode.