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Season 2 is now in full swing, and here’s all the latest on Dominion from this week:

  • 2x04_Twitter_AngelScoutingThis Thursday, we’re live tweeting with a special theme: Angel Scouting. The task is simple. Find an angel near you and snap a picture. Can be anything, from a statue to a photo, painting, ornament, etc. On Thursday, during the tweetout (Aug 6 from 9/8c onwards), tweet your picture with the words, “I found an angel!” and mention where you’re from. Don’t forget the #Dominion hashtag!
  • Have you seen episode 2×04? What did you think? As usual, it’d be wonderful if you could support the show and add your user rating on IMDb and TV.com, and also complete the SpoilerTV poll.
  • Updates on the official Syfy website: ‘Inside Dominion’ for episode 2×04, Dominion Backstage Workshop Explosion, trailer for episode 2×05, more recap videos from episode 2×04 in the video section.
  • Dominion: Revelations has chapter IV now activated. It’s all about
    New Delphi and its leader Julian.
  • We’ve added new stills from episode 2×06. May be slightly spoilery, so proceed with caution.
  • Vaun Wilmott did another one-hour Periscope chat last week. You can find a video of it on YouTube if you missed it. Lots of interesting tidbits in that one!