The lovely DeckOfDreams over on Tumblr is organizing a #RenewDominion tweetout for this Friday. What we’d like you to do is to let Syfy know why you think Dominion should be renewed. And this is how:

On Fri, Sep 4 at 8/7c tweet “#RenewDominion because” and add your reason why you think the show deserves a 3rd season. Tag @SyfyTV or @DominionSyfy in your posts and fill it with the reasons you love the show, the characters, the music and all the great moments the show has given you for the last two years, or anything else you can think of.

If you want, you can additionally tag the actors or the writers and production team or anyone from the cast and crew you like. A list of all the relevant Twitter handles can be found here.

Don’t forget the #RenewDominion tag!

Please spread the word so we can get a great turnout!