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Are you ready to accept the DOMINION FANDOM CHALLENGE?

We’ll be posting a new task to complete every day to help get the ratings up and the show noticed so that we can get a third season of Dominion.

Today, we hope to be seeing you on Twitter for our weekly Dominion season 2 tweetout! Our theme this week is Fight the Darkness. You can find more info here on our website. Watch live and join us at 9/8c for the Twitter madness! It would be great if had a nice, big turnout to tweet along with the cast and crew during the episode.

Please remember that if your Twitter account is locked, none of what you do will count towards the Twitter statistics and metrics. If you’d like to change that, you will have to unlock your account while you join the tweetout.

Please also use one of the banners below to spread the word.