Show and Tell Syfy your LOVE for Dominion

We’ll be live tweeting again on Thursday for episode 2×13, together with the cast and crew.

On Oct 01, starting at 9/8c, start posting pictures or text tweets that represent your love for the show. Tell Syfy what makes Dominion special, explain why you’d love to see a third season. There’s no limit where creativity is concerned. Any contribution is welcome.

It’s important to use the #Dominion and/or the #RenewDominion hashtag, and remember to give a big thank you to @Syfy. Note that you should never use more than two hashtags at a time because Twitter counts tweets with three or more hashtags as spam.

It’s also important to encourage as many viewers as you can to watch live and/or within the first three days of airing (including the commercials). Ratings will count the most towards Syfy’s decision whether to cancel or renew.