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The worldwide fandom of Dominion is shocked and saddened by Syfy Channel’s business decision to cancel the series after just two seasons.

At this difficult moment our first priority remains the same: demonstrating our unwavering support for and appreciation of the amazingly talented creative team, cast, and crew of Dominion, and our fellow Angels.

The admins of the Syfy Dominion’s Angels Facebook group and Dominionfans.com are united in their desire to seeing the story continue, either on another channel or via some other media. We also ask fans to continue to support Vaun Wilmott, the cast and crew in all their future endeavors.

As we work together to discuss possible plans of action, we ask that you keep the message positive and looking toward the future. Please continue to tweet out your love and support to all members of the Dominion family using #‎Dominion. You can also sign this online petition to support the show getting picked up by Netflix.

If you have not already done so, join the Syfy Dominion’s Angels Facebook group, follow @Dominion_Fans on Twitter, and check Dominionfans.com often. We will announce our plans soon, using all three platforms.

Until Father returns…