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Starting Oct 29 (i.e. this week), we’ll begin our weekly Dominion Rewatch. So get your DVDs, Blu-rays and DVRs ready to relive all 21 episodes of the show.

We will gather every Thursday at 10/9c and “live” tweet about the show, hoping to not just have fun, but also raise awareness for Netflix to possibly pick up Dominion. So when you tweet with us, don’t forget to (only!) use the hashtags #Dominion and #Netflix, and send your tweets directly to @Netflix as well.

What we’ll need now is not just a little bit of luck and a whole lot of determination, but also stamina. Pickup decisions aren’t made in two weeks. It may take months for a network to announce picking up a cancelled show. We may need to make a little more noise before then, so let’s go do it.

If you’d like to keep up with the rewatch, we have an Upcoming Events widget in our sidebar now that lists the events we have planned. Alternatively, you can also just go to our Google Calendar and track our activities there.