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Some of the fans might have already come across references to a ninth episode in season 1 of Dominion, which seems confusing because Syfy in the US only aired eight. This mystery was more or less inadvertently lifted during the UK tweetout on Thursday when live-tweeting international fans were puzzled that the Syfy UK viewers were describing scenes that had never aired in the US.

It appears that the season finale was originally written and filmed as two full-length episodes (i.e. 45 minutes each without commercials). For reasons unknown to us, Syfy US decided to cut them down into a condensed one-episode finale that is just over one hour long. This version aired on US TV.

The finale that Syfy UK bought and aired was the uncut two-part version, which contains an additional 20 minutes of footage, among them a very dramatic scene involving Alex and Noma. The two parts also have different titles: Part 1 was titled “Beware Those Closest To You” and part 2 was titled “Exiles”.

While the fans in Britain can consider themselves lucky to have been shown the extra scenes on TV, US fans will soon be able to catch up with the missing scenes as well. The extended version of the season finale will be included as one of the extras when the season one 2-disc set come to stores in two days’ time. The only caveat is that it’s an exclusive Blu-ray feature, meaning it will be on the Blu-rays only, and not the DVDs.

Yes, this is bad news for those fans who don’t have access to the Blu-rays, but if you keep your eyes and ears open, fandom usually has a way of sharing all the good things in the four corners of the internet, once the Blu-rays have found their way into the hands of the right tech-savvy fans.