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Don’t forget to join the live tweet with the Dominion cast and crew tomorrow night during the season 2 premiere.

Vaun’s been gathering the combined forces of the cast, and with any luck, all of them will be there during both the US east and west coast airings of the season 2 premiere. So get your browsers, smartphones and tablets ready to join the Twitter madness!

Our tweetout starts an hour before the episode begins (9/8c), and we’ll be tweeting all throughout the episode (beginning 10/9c) as well. For those people across the pond, that means the tweetout starts at 2 AM UK time, 3 AM Central European time. The episode airs at 3 AM UK time and 4 AM CET.

If you missed it the last time around, this explains how the tweetouts work and how you can promote them. The list of the cast and crew’s Twitter handles can be found here. Just remember to use the #Dominion hashtag as much as you can, also when you only retweet others.

Are you ready? Let’s show the media folks how it’s done and get the show trending, shall we?