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SEASON 2 IS FINALLY HERE! Tune in tonight at 10/9c on Syfy. Watch a new, exclusive clip on io9.com! Everyone going to SDCC to meet Vaun and watch the screening, have fun!!

Come join our tweetout tonight as well, it’s gonna be crazy and exciting! And the cast will be there. We already posted about it yesterday, if you missed it.

If you’re new to Twitter or the live tweeting, we have some helpful hints for you:

  1. Get a backup Twitter account (or two or three) so you can tweet even more (especially if you end up in Twitter jail).
  2. If you’re using a tablet, phone or other device running on a battery, it’s always good to make sure it’s charged.
  3. Have a Word document or browser window handy with the Twitter handles of the cast and crew so you can easily copy/paste into your tweet.
  4. Feel free to have some tweets written ahead of time so you can just copy/paste text in and save time. This can include having pictures and memes ready.
  5. Remember: Tweeting starts an hour before the episode airs. Definitely tweet (we need the numbers!) but don’t get yourself in twitter jail!
  6. After the tweetout, go back and retweet as many properly tagged (‪#‎dominion‬) posts as you can! This also helps our numbers.
  7. Vaun said that cast and crew are tweeting live both the East and West US coast viewings, so feel free to tweet during both if you can.
  8. Please be considerate with spoilers. There are many fans outside the United States who love the show and can’t watch it live on Syfy US. If you want to do the international fans a huge favor, don’t post anything that’ll spoil their viewing experience, especially huge plot twists. (And if you can’t see the episode live and want to avoid spoilers, we can only recommend that you stay away from social media for the time being.)
  9. Most important of all, USE #DOMINION AS YOUR HASHTAG!