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Holy moly, have you all seen the season 2 premiere? If not, don’t worry, we won’t put any spoilers here. But just this much: It’s gonna blow your minds. No, seriously. So many “Holy Crap!” moments!

We’re going to try and keep up with all the season 2 goodness as the episodes keep airing, but bear with us. There’s so much going on! (And, yes, that’s a good thing.) Where do we start?!

Twitter Madness

You guys totally rocked the tweetout! We pulled some Twitter metrics today for use of the #Dominion hashtag between Thu 8pm ET and Fri 2am ET:

  • Total unique tweets + retweets: 14,550
  • Total unique tweets (excl. retweets): 5,896
  • Total unique users: 1,318

The hashtag also trended worldwide. That’s GREAT news. Keep that up for the rest of the season! Also, our fansite Twitter account surpassed the 1,000 followers mark last night. We’re super stoked!


Site Updates

We’ve updated the site with a recap of episode 2×01 today, kindly “donated” by the lovely Erica Rose Jackson from popwrapped.com. We recommend you also check out Hank’s review over on the TV Fanatic website.

Threre’s also new stills for episodes 2×02 and 2×03, plus a number of exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from season 2 we added today (scroll to the very bottom of the Season 2 gallery).

San Diego Comic Con

Some of you might know that SDCC is in full swing as we speak. Syfy’s panel this year didn’t include any of the actors, but Dominion creator Vaun Wilmott was invited up on stage yesterday to show fans in attendance a preview of episodes 2×01 and 2×02. We will give you more updates on impressions and interviews from Comic Con 2015 as they come in.

Vaun Wilmott Periscope Chat

Speaking of Vaun… He agreed to do a Periscope video chat recently, where he talked about the show and various other things. It was fun, and if you’d like to take a look, it was luckily recorded by Karolina from the Dominionfans Tumblr: Part 1Part 2.

Anthony Head Interview

TV Line chatted with Anthony Head after he wrapped shooting season 2. The interview isn’t very spoilery, and it’s fun to read about his experience playing David Whele. You can find the interview on the TV Line website.

Dominion Revelations

The Syfy website is bringing us another new feature that will be unraveled all throughout season 2, much like the Handbook to Vega last season. It’s called Dominion Revelations, and they’re posting a new chapter every week. If you’re interested in the characters and the mythology behind the show, make sure you peruse the information at your leisure. Not only is it very pretty, there’s also lots of interesting stuff in there that the show doesn’t explicitly cover!

Syfy Website Updates

These updates are coming faster than we can cover them! They have a few new videos (geolocked, alas):

Animated GIFs and other lovely things

If you’re into animated GIFs and all things Dominion-related on Tumblr, we can only recommend you follow dominionfans.tumblr.com (please note: this is not us, it’s run by Karolina from Poland, and beware of spoilers!) We can only assume she has more time than we do for online activities, because she usually updates a lot faster than we do. Shameful, we know, but can’t be helped if you’re a grown-up and need to make a living. 🙂