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Syfy UK held a Periscope chat with Roxanne McKee, Tom Wisdom, Shivani Ghai and Anthony Head today where fans had about 15 minutes to ask questions and have them answered by the cast.

The chat will be up on the Periscope website for the next 24 hours (until approx. July 14, 12pm ET), so you can now catch up if you missed it. It’s also up on YouTube if you can’t see it on the Periscope website.

These are the questions that were asked (courtesy of dominionfans.tumblr.com):

  • If you guys could play any other character on the show, who would you play? (0:15)
  • What’s it like to fly? (02:07)
  • If you all played poker, who would cheat, who would win, and who would have the worst poker face? (03:30)
  • Who is the biggest joker on set? (04:40)
  • Would you rather party with Lucifer, or go for a nice cup of tea with Michael? (Michael doesn’t drink tea!) (06:08)
  • Does Tom do all of his own stunts? (07:00)
  • How far will David Whele go in order to get his way? Will season 2 see him sink to new lows? (07:33)
  • How will Claire cope with the responsibility of ruling Vega? (8:08)
  • There are so many layers to Arika. Can she be really trusted? (9:08)
  • Can you describe you characters in one word? (10:40)